Kids Say What?

According to study, if your kid is 7 years old and above, they should be able to use at least 5000 words from their conversational vocabulary. Keeping this in mind, I’m sure as a mom, you were at one point surprised with what kids say! Read on, these are the ones that came from mine.

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Kyle, 10 years old

  • On the dinner table, was found telling his younger brother Gab, “Life is not all hotdogs and meatloaf”. The funny thing about it is the fact that Kyle regards hotdogs and meatloaf as the best things that have ever landed our dining table. This was right after serving kids with “nilagang baka” (beef stew). If adults will always say the same thing as a blessing, Kyle will always say it with a voice that misses hotdogs and meatloaf terribly. Thanking God that life is not all hotdogs and meatloaf.
  • While working on homework, Kyle to Sofia: “Everybody likes happiness. No one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” Then Kyle went delivering his version of encouraging Sofia that beginners’ math in preschool can be challenging but becomes enjoyable in grade school. Found out later that Kyle quoted it from his teacher, too.

Gab, 8 years old

  • Gab when he was 4 years old started wearing what used to be Kuya Kyle’s shirts. On one of these days, I congratulated Gab: “Wow Gab, you can now wear kuya Kyle’s clothes!” Happy that Gab has grown bigger. Gab welcomed it with quite a long silence and I saw from his eyes that he was thinking really, really hard. Then Gab blurted out with a worried voice “Mom, kuya Kyle’s shirts are shrinking?”

Sofia, 6 years old

  • When Sofia the First TV show first came out on Disney channel, Sofia to self: “I really feel like I’m Sofia the First, she is a small princess, loves pink and has curly hair.” Thanking Disney for the Asian-looking, young Disney princess.


David, 4 years old

  • On one of our weekend afternoon moments, David started asking, “Mom, all of us came from your tummy, right?” To which I said ‘yes’ to. Then out came the quick question: “Then when is the baby from daddy’s tummy going to come out”? (while pointing to Dad’s tummy)


13 thoughts on “Kids Say What?

  1. hahaha! kids say the funniest things! one of things i treasure most is listening to my kids talk talk ang talk. 🙂 One time, on our way home from the kids music team outing, my eldest whose face was sunburned, turned to me and said, “mom, I have a face problem”, hehehe.:D


  2. “Then out came the quick question: “Then when is the baby from daddy’s tummy going to come out”? (while pointing to Dad’s tummy)” >> This is hilarious! Hahahaha! Witty kids you have! 🙂


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