Working Mom’s Angels : Helpers and Yayas

First off, look at the faces of my kids and tell me if you think they can survive the house alone.


Have you ever returned home from work and see the house in a big mess and felt more tired than you were at the office? It is part of our blessings to find ‘angels’ who help us keep an eye on the kids and keep the house in order while I am at work. On this blog, we will refer to our ever reliable yaya’s and helpers as ‘angels’. Part of our blessings from this day and age are countless ideas for short-prep-time-meals, doing the groceries accurately, setting house rules with the kids and with the angels, and of course, ensuring that you stay on top of everything that concerns the house before you head to work, while you are at work and as soon as you get home from work. Today’s read will not just focus on how we can ensure productivity for our angels while we are not physically present at home but can also help the moms who have just taken their maternity leave and are preparing to go back to work. How do we really ensure that chores are completed and house is spic and span, even while we are at work?

When agreeing with your helpers, it will surely make things easy if you are able to establish what you can tolerate and what you cannot. The sooner that your angels learn what you value in the house, then the sooner it will also be for them to know which ones are acceptable and which ones aren’t. If they know that you want all trash cans from your bathrooms cleaned up every night, then they can make a mental note about it and add it to their daily tasks. Yep, we all should start with an agreement which ones need to be completed daily, weekly and monthly. Below’s list is a suggested list you can also follow. The list is based on mine but feel free to tweak parts of it so it can work according to your preference, house demands, or number of angels at home.


There are tasks that I need to be personally on top of which include but not limited to:  cleaning up closets, keeping out of season items, arranging to schedule repairmen/maintenance home services, taking out items for donating/recycling/throwing away. Also, work your angels rest day around these chores. If you have more than one, juggle to maintain fair division or alternate assignments so each of them can experience to have all tasks regularly.

Holidays from work, like today (Australian Labor Day) gives you an extra day for chores or an extra day for spending time with kids. Plan your holidays around kids more than you would around chores.

Please remember that how we treat our helpers determine how our kids will treat theirs in the future. They are part of our family, as much as they are blessings to us so keep a constant goal of being a blessing to them, too.


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