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Have you ever had instances when you needed to tell any of your kids: “Just a minute, I’ll just finish this off.” Or another version that tries to buy more time such as “Hang on, sweetie, I will be right there”. I am guilty of the same error when I choose to focus on trivial things such as checking mail, removing your shoes, taking a bath over looking over what your kids have created from school, watching the kiddos sing the latest song they have learned, helping your child get that toy on the upper shelf he can’t reach, or answering your child asking what the acronym OFW means. It is during these instances when daily helpers come in handy. It leaves you with fewer items on your head and gives you more bandwidth to focus on things that need your attention real time.

QuickHelp#1 – Internet on your Mobile Phone  Now that summer is here, kids have more time on their hands, this can only mean, more questions to answer, more activities to prepare to keep them from staring at the TV or video games at home, or more attention from them as soon as you get home from work. With internet at home, I no longer need to step out of the house just to check office hours of the nearest payment center.  Checking what movie is playing this weekend no longer means physically going to the cinema to check it out. Of course, while you decide to take a 15-minute breather before you join kids for dinner, hand them your phone and have them play Four Pics and One Word game.

QuickHelp#2 – Booking a Cab Online   There are working moms who prefer to drive themselves to and from work, it is easier for them to run errands right after work or head quickly to drop off or pick up the kids. And then there are working moms who prefer to commute because they get to squeeze in more sleep time when they do. And then there are working moms like myself who would prefer to book cabs with a mobile app. It takes away cost you will have to shoulder for daily parking fees, takes care of waiting time you will have to spend in queue at the cab lane. Other than the additional minimal amount for using the service, you just pay for whatever shows up on the meter, and even ask for receipt if you need to reimburse transpo expenses.


QuickHelp#3 – Bookstore Trips with Kids   If you would ever need to run on quick errands while with the kids, a quick dash to the bookstores will give you your relief. I am so thankful that my kids always have to ask when the next bookstore trip would be. They have evolved from knowing when the movie trip is (which can be expensive) or when the next toy store trip is (which is even more expensive). Activity books and story books range cheaper than any decent educational toy or a movie ticket but then you get more value out of developing your kids’ habit to read. Before I queue up to pay the bills or before I go buy that additional ingredient for tomorrow’s meals, I put my eldest son in charge as my kids (and ever reliable ‘ate’) troop to the bookstore, browse endlessly in time for you to return and pay for the books they are getting. Just make sure your kids have fully mastered the basics of not talking to strangers and ‘ate’ has developed mastery over ensuring small kids do not stray away.

QuickHelp#4 – Public Holidays   Work can be real challenging and energy-draining if done without rest. So add if you must, other than your scheduled weekly two days off work, decide to take the holidays once in a while. Never neglect to arrange coverage when you do and keep the sensitivity to know if it is time to take the holiday or if it is time to stay for coverage. After all, you wouldn’t want to become the one whom everyone has to cover for.

Feel free to add to my list. Leave your quick help tips that work for you whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom or a work from home mom.  Enjoy your summer!

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