Cyma : OpenRice.Com Review

Remembering my previous work days when I used to be part of Training and Development. My Trainer-Journey took me to different places and allowed me to work with differently interesting and amazing group of people. It was because of Training that I got stuck in a TV network’s building while Ondoy hits Manila and I was unknowingly running a training session from their building’s 17th floor. It was because of Training that I got to tour around the Bicol region while I ran three-day workshop for Tiwi District 6 public school teachers. Today is no different as I go back to my first love : Training. What better way to do it than to do it with my husband/pastor and run a workshop on Purpose for a leading corp recruitment group in Eastwood.

We always come out the ones learning everytime I teach with my husband. To cap off the night, we (my husband, myself and our wedding inaanak, yes we have several at our age!) thought we just need to celebrate what we have learned off tonight’s workshop. We needed somewhere special and quiet : Cyma Eastwood. Upto this day, I am not sure if Greek is the same as your Persian or your Mediterranean dishes (me and my non-connoisseur self). Whether there is a difference or none, the food did not fail to satisfy my taste buds. Greek Osso Bucco Beef shank certainly looks like your regular birthday spaghetti fare but it is made Greeky special with Greek tomato sauce and bucatini pasta. Serving was so huge I had to share some with my husband. Their greens salad was both yummy and healthy with their Roca Salata which came complete with lettuce, arugula (roka), tomatoes and walnuts. Skolatina (molten chocolate cake served with a scoop of flavoured ice cream) capped the night for us. It was a double date worth remembering.


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