How We “QikIt” with Perfect Pitch 2                                          

shangstairsThe night started ACA-okay as we all lined up for Perfect Pitch 2 at Shangrila Cineplex for an exclusive first-day screening. Did not realize how we all missed the Bellas of Barden University until the girls started singing and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) herself started her trademark comedy stunts. Movie experience was made even better watching it at Shangrila Cineplex. More legroom and not so crowded seats are perfect enjoying the tunes and the laughs I had all throughout the movie.


With Nuffnang (biggest blogger community) hosting the movie event, and with free foodie to match, I just had to QikIt right away.


Although Perfect Pitch 2 has the similar underdog-becomes- winner plot, unlike other movie college characters who graduate, the Bellas are up for their final year. With Beca (Anna Kendrick) leading the pack to beat the singing Germans in the world championships, sing-along and ear-pleasant medleys make Pitch Perfect 2 a type of movie you can catch at any point and still capture you to sit through to the end.


Definitely voting to rename Fat Amy to Funny Amy. Laughter is the topmost thing on my mind when I get reminded of Fat Amy. Among my take aways? Not agreeing with John Michael Higgins playing the broadcaster on the film when he said that the Bellas are inspirations to girls all over the country who are too ugly to be cheerleaders. More than anything, the movie reminds us that if you work hard at anything, work as a team, have the courage to show up, then you will inevitably deliver.

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