Dreaming to be a Blogger? Read On!

If you were like me before I started writing and if you are someone who mulls over becoming a blogger, it is high time to think about the true, relevant questions you should be answering to set yourself up to becoming a blogger. After all, blogging is not as easy as it looks like and not as seamless as other jobs and may not be exempt from demand of time and careful thought. Ultimately, know why you want to write then plan how to achieve that goal with each writing you publish.

rsz_1mbp_pinkSome tough questions to ask:

Have you already got a niche in mind? How do you choose one from a long list of categories and topics you want to write about? While you are at it, think of the reader group you want to cater to. Remember, this will define your topics for a long, long time and if you mistakenly choose a topic you are not sure about, give it a month or two and you can run out of creativity or lose your passion in updating your page.  It is worthwhile to consider that the topic you choose should be something you can relate to, which will give you an extensive range of topics to write about. Case in point, it will be challenging if you choose to write about mommyhood when you are yourself single and addressing the mom groups on your pages. Do not miss the fact that you build up your credibility with an archive of interesting topics that allows your readers to interact, think and have take-aways from your articles.

Are you web-savvy? With this question, you do not need to be an expert but it helps to have an ability to widow your way around links, instructions and available platforms. There is a long list available with WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger. Most of these platforms are also linked with other social media tools, Instagram, Twitter,  Discus and may end up being profitable with affiliate programs or advertising. Most blogging communities almost always prefer to consider a certain number of months, similar niche and frequency of writing before approving memberships. Having a support group will be significantly helpful.

Re-tool your writing skills. It is an advantage if you enjoy writing but if you feel you have not enough experience in writing, look out for writing workshops and training to join. Workshops such as the one offered by Nizza Gueco can answer all your long-standing questions and apprehensions about writing. It also provides you a chance to have a long term job with Do it Write Solutions.

WHAT: Freelance Writing Workshop

WHEN: Saturday, May 23, 2015. 12nn – 6pm

WHERE: QC near Welcome Rotonda (details will be given to the attendees)

HOW MUCH: 1500 per slot. Refer to the poster for group discounts.

Usual rates

Learn about the usual rates for every writing job. Know that bidding too high won’t win you the job, bidding too low won’t either. Never commit that mistake again after this workshop.

Cover letter creation

When applying for the job. Your cover letter is your weapon, you have to penetrate through the client’s shield and make him realize you are the one for the job. Know what and what not to include in your cover letter.

Choosing the job

Learn about the jobs that are fit for you. Differentiate scams from legitimate ones.

Bidding for the job

Learn how to manipulate you bid in order to get the job.

Getting the job

Know what to do when you get the job. From accepting the offers and terms, to actually starting with the job.

Here are some of the inclusions of the workshop:

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to PM on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nizza.gueco

Or send an email to nizzagueco@yahoo.com