Sofitel Philippine Plaza : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkSofitel Hotel Manila has been a constant witness to our celebrations. The first time I got to visit was for our workplace’s Telstra’s yearly three-day workshop. Our recognition dinner followed, our Christmas ball, our VIP meet ups at work, even our church anniversary celebration, plus several weddings we attended, Sofitel has never failed to disappoint when it comes to giving me the best hotel food experience. I have always looked forward to Sofitel Tent buffets because of their various canapés. Sofitel Philippine Plaza will not be known for its best Spiral buffet experience for nothing. I remember giving out Spiral buffet dinners and Sofitel overnight accommodations as incentives at work and they are always premium prize that drives ultimate performance at work.

I am not so sure about you but I am a Pinoy at heart and I always go first to the Pinoy dishes tables and help myself with the classic Pinoy dishes. Sofitel has become an expert at adding a modern twist to all types of meat we would usually use for our Pinoy dishes and of course, the dessert selection is such a long list of options. I usually make the decision to try one of each variety, but I never get to do so because there is usually just too many to try!





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