Cash On Delivery Online Purchase : Lazada Delivers to Your Doorsteps

Yes, you have heard it right, you can make online purchases from Lazada online with Cash on Delivery payment method. Today’s internet use has shaped and changed the way we all do our purchases, now at the tip of our fingertips, we can readily go online for just about anything we need. Of course, you have read in the past about my Lazada first purchase , then went on into attending Lazada’s Shop Till You Blog. This time, I am listing down the best buys from their ongoing Massive Mid-year Sale which will run from June 30 to July2.

Lazada Philippines

Buy 1 Take 1 Electric Fans With the price of one, you can have two Fukuda 16” Stand Fan. Yep, that’s shopping without having to line up at the counter, without having to go through traffic and without having the need to bear the sun outside. It is like shopping for quality products from your ever reliable shopping mall but from the comfort of your own home or room!

Lazada Philippines

Asus Zen 100050mAH Powerbank is now less than a thousand pesos worth or a little over Php500.00. A powerbank has become part of our daily essentials, especially if you want to be spared from worrying if you have enough battery for your phones/gadgets before you step out of the house. It is a bonus to find one that has enough power but can be as small as something you would fit in your pocket.

Lazada PhilippinesFour-person dome camping tent at 75% off Kids’ summer camp and even camping right outside your backyard or rooftop will no longer be a hassle. Can fit four adults in, it is surely a steal to be priced at Php500.55. So make the purchase online by adding the item to your cart, proceed to checkout and add your delivery details and then sit right back and wait for your items to be delivered.

Bizshoe flats/sandals are perfect for mommy wears above

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Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Joined Eyebrowdery’s Bloggers’ Day

I may not be the beauty-queen-type of mom but I have always been thankful about the way I look. I am sure the other mommies reading this post will also identify with me if I say that how I look is the last thing on my mind on a regular mommy-day. But there can be times when you would play in your mind how you want to look with long, curly hair, longer eyelashes, fairer skin or flatter tummy (that’s me, thinking out loud).

And so it was encouraging to have known that Eyebrowdery was established to offer the most innovative way of putting permanent make-up on mommies’ beautiful faces, with materials coming from all natural plant extracts, organic, environment friendly and 100% safe.

picture1Definitely liking their nails services with regular manicure, gel manicure, chrome nails and nail whitening services offered. There is also the Little Onesies Princess Treatment that will allow your small daughters to enjoy mani/pedi services with mommy.

picture2Make-up embroidery has become known in fashion forward countries like Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and a whole lot more. Miss Klarisse Tabao (pictured above), CEO of the Eyebrowdery, who has keen sense in beauty, fashion, and who is naturally ‘kikay’, took up classes in Singapore from a very famous school when it comes to embroidery, Aesthetics International Academy.

Got to observe a 3D Eyebrowdery treatment on the bloggers’ day and it was interesting to see the model’s face accurately assessed for its shape to go with the best eyebrow contour.

picture3Eyebrowdery, unlike tattoo, is a semi-permanent treatment that may last from 2 to 5 years. It is done by adding natural colored pigment from plant extracts to the skin. Klarisse started tracking out the area first and showed the model if it matches her desired brow shape and color. The entire area is then filled with hair-like pigments giving the brows a full and flawless look.

picture4 picture5 picture6Another model went for Eyeliner Tinting, great option when you find it hard to use an eyeliner pencil. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that may last from 4 to 6 weeks.

picture7 picture8Whatever treatment you decide to go for, mommies, please know that we are all wonderfully and fearfully made by God. Eyebrowdery shares the vision of enhancing our God-given looks and how to make moms’ lives easier by providing a quicker way of completing your beauty upkeep.

Please follow this page for more about Eyebrowdery as I try eyebrow threading service in the coming weeks.

Eyebrowdery is at Unit 201 Fox Square Building 53 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills San Juan City. Book appointments at 7517236.

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Joined PhilCare’s Health and Wellness Tea Party

No matter what role you play at home, at work, in the community, for your loved ones, friends and colleagues, one utmost need is required : perfect health. There is no way that we can deliver the best we can if we do not feel well. PhilCare on its 33rd anniversary, invited 20 blogger moms (including myself) to an intimate tea party in celebration of health and wellness.

2015-06-24 21.07.21
It was a breath of fresh air to have met PhilCare Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Patty Henson. She asked relevant questions that had all the mommy bloggers thinking how well we are and how prepared we are for the future. PhilCare certainly feel the same mom-needs of being on top of everything that concerns family, particularly, health. And so the afternoon started with delectable food from Chateau 1771 but the afternoon got better when PhilCare started handing out the perfect gift for my mom – an Php80,000 medical coverage. God has been so faithful in keeping us all healthy, safe and protected and He also grants blessings of health through medical provision and coverage but this one is an even more pleasant surprise because it is something I can have my mom use.

picture2Now everyone can have access to a competitive medical coverage plan without having to sign up to an employment contract, without having to step out of the house, and without even having to break your budget. It takes as easy as 3 steps.

Step 1: Online purchase of cards at Just as how you would do a regular online purchase, you would end your web session with no less than medical coverage in tow.

Step 2: Cards get delivered nationwide. Now the demands of your family role or your job will never have to take you away from good health, you have just spared yourself from signing too many forms, and even from lining up for medical exam requirements.

Step3: SMS Activation – Now this is the easiest part. Send an SMS and you should be ready to use the card anytime you need to. What I like most about it is I can give it to my mom as a gift, without her having to worry about activation or more paperworks.

PhilCare, one of the first health maintenance organization (HMO), truly knows how to make things easier for mommies like me. I went home with the gift of health, not just for myself but also more than enough to share with my mom. PhilCare partners with mommies to commit to a healthier lifestyle, I also got to take home a mommy-pampering-kit.

picture5picture3picture4Got to see blogger friends from, and www.unfoldedbyxtal.blogspot.comLazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

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June Blog Giveaway – Find out how you can get 10 free tickets to Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Residence Inn, Paradizoo and Tree Top Adventure

rsz_1mbp_pinkZoomanity Group, the brilliant group who manages top family destinations Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Residence Inn, Paradizoo, Zoocolate Thrills and Zootopia Japan is giving away free tickets this June. Zoomanity group is among the top if not the top amusement park provider and accredited partners in the industry. I am sure you have read countless raves and reviews about the loads of fun you get visiting any of the places mentioned above. I am sure you have also read about my Zoocobia adventure. As part of thanking the countless Filipinos who enjoy spending time with family, they are giving away free tickets without expiration dates to Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Residence Inn, Paradizoo and Tree Top Adventure.

giveaway1Be one of the five (5) winners who will receive 10 free tickets you can use at any theme park managed by Zoomanity Group. Winning is easy. Just complete the instructions below.

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Lazada Philippines

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What I Thank God About For the Father of My Kids

I grew up with the best dad in the world, the best dad who would take the time to take me to my first day high school, who encouraged me to be at my best at all times, who lovingly has always told me that I can sing (even if I can’t, *wink*). And so it is truly a big blessing to have met an equally kind and loving husband who does the same now for my kids. Look at what I have been meaning to write all week, below I listed just some of the things we appreciate about the dad in our house.

dadkyleThank you for childhood memories – You’ve climbed up trees with the kids, taught the boys how to swim, took them to laser tag games, joined them for Me and My Dad camps, showed up and presented for school’s “What Does my Dad do at Work”, helped build lasting memories of visiting new places, exploring beaches, and showing everyone (including myself) that it is fun and easy to travel with kids.

dadgabThank you for date days with each of the kids – Thanks for always being handy to help with Math homeworks, getting them involved with dad stuff in the house (e.g. carpentry, car wash, etc), for involving them with what you do, for playing with them, for pushing to have at least three dinners at home with the kids each week. Big thanks for showing us that being a dad means being there for them when they are ready to talk about their days.

dadsofiaThank you for taking care of the girls in the house – Thanks for showing Sofia what her identity is through the love you show me, thanks for sleeping with her and sharing things that are exclusive to just Sofie and Dad, thanks for sharing the breakfast table with the kids. Thanking God because you are not afraid to ask for a kiss or to say ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry’ to kids.

daddavidThank you for being the leader in the house – Thanks for leading us at all times how it is to love God, to wake up early and open your Bible. Thanks for opening the house to people who help us train our kids with the way they should go, for always surrounding us with people who have Godly counsel, for being a dad to other kids, for being a great and loving son yourself.  Thank you for fathering others that are never dependent with what you do, Kids teachers, Coordinator family, Amazing sisterhood and brotherhood of travelling redundance (longest group name, ever), Nova and SJDM. Ultimately, thank you for making your family your first ministry.



dadcollageHappy fathers’ day to all the dads! Watch our fathers’ day greeting here.

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Casa Astillero Beach Resort: Camp Grounds and Beach Wedding Venue in Calatagan, Batangas

Are you planning for your perfect wedding? Then you need to read up and know the perfect beach wedding venue for you. Casa Astillero Beach Resort which used to be just a campsite suitable for team buildings, is now offering affordable, intimate, and unique beach weddings in Calatagan, Batangas.

LYT_0312Casa Astillero Beach Resort is a 2,500sqm pearly white sand site, located at Barangay Santa Ana Calatagan in Batangas. It’s a semi-private beach resort inside Caisip compound where the infamous Villa Sachico and an ancestral house of Zobel de Ayalas are located.

UneditedCasa Astillero Beach Resort became the most sought camping site, as well as, traveller’s choice when it comes to team building and simple gathering activities.

With that, Casa Astillero Beach Resort is embarking on another service, which definitely mirrors the beautiful and pristine beaches in Calatagan – weddings.

cropped-cropped-headerLast June 2, 2015, Casa Astillero Beach Resort has introduced its enchanting beach wedding services to family and friends, during an intimate gathering.

Of the recent company’s success of unveiling another online wedding resource,,  Pam Caisip, General Manager said, “our mission to provide an affordable, intimate, and unique beach wedding in Calatagan resonates my personal vision in life.  In short, I believe in forever. While beach weddings are expensive, Casa Astillero Beach Resort believes that everyone deserves to be happy, without spending too much.  Furthermore, we want to let everyone know that beach weddings are best done not only during summer, but during off-peak seasons, as well.  After all, wedding represents the endless commitment, which I strongly agree.”

26-edited-300x283Casa Astillero is perfect for someone who is looking for an intimate and affordable beach wedding venue in Calatagan. The place is not too big, not too small, which is ideal for an intimate and sweet inspired beach wedding.

The beautiful place is equipped with a session hall, which has a capacity of 100 guests, Kabanas, Kubo (Nipa Hut in English), open picnic cottages, and tents for adventurous couples out there!

37-edited-300x300Of course, our air-conditioned rooms are also spacious enough for families of 4 and/or honeymooners. We could also provide mattresses for extra person if need be.

Casa Astillero Beach Resort is indeed your next favorite beach wedding destination.

0339If you want to visit the place, please do not hesitate to contact Pam at

Please visit our website for further details:

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Zoomanity Group joins Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions event (PhilAAPA)

The leader in theme park management is undoubtedly no other than Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco. 6 Theme Parks; Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Residence Inn, Tagaytay, Zoocolate Thrills in Loboc, Bohol, Zoocobia in Clark, Pampanga and Zootopia in Japan are the parks managed by the award winning entrepreneur aside from the other 20 more businesses he is handling; Hotels (Azotea, Residence Inn, Zoobic Lodge), Financial Services (YL Finance, Manila Express), Industrial Products (Aqua Primera Refilling Station),   Transportation (Bel Air Transport, Golf Cars, Greyhound Safari Vans),  Music & Sound Systems (Yamaha Music, Sound Publishing, Yamaha School of Music), Real Estate (YL Land, Commercial Centers), Restaurants (Nanten Japanese Restaurant inside Manila Polo Club, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Yakitori).

For this coming June 22, 2015, The Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (PhilAAPA) will have a tour operators event at Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa, Laguna with its 40 members that includes Zoomanity Group (Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Residence Inn, Paradizoo, Zoocolate Thrills and Zootopia Japan), Manila Ocean Park, Ocean Adventure, Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Ticketworld, Mind Museum, Puzzle Mansion, Active Fun, Pixie Forest (Festival Mall) and Island Cove among other members. 

The organizers invited 500 Travel and Tour Operators with a conference about safety. The 2015 Tour Operators Day aims to unite amusement park owners and accredit/ acknowledge partners in the industry as well as Tour Operators and Bus Operators. Seminars will also be conducted to uplift the standard of the services and promotion of the tourism industry which in return, everyone will be benefited.
Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of TAG Media and Public Relations, the one in charge for marketing and branding of Zoomanity Group will also join the event. Selected participants will be going to the venue in style since they will be riding in a two decker jeepney, manufactured and produced by Mark Bautista.
For more info, please contact TAG Media and Public Relations at 09166299381 or at


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Hotel Rembrant: Relive the Art of the Master

rsz_1mbp_pinkIt is Fathers’ Day this weekend and has been without helpers at home for the previous days, that the entire fambam is looking forward to resting from chores and celebrating with the man in the house. Went ahead looking for the perfect spot and came across one located at the heart of Quezon City Philippines, a unique boutique hotel that combines the essence of 17th Century European grandeur with the luxuries of the modern life. Hotel Rembrant under Artsream Hospitality Management Group Incorporated (AHMGI) is just one of 5 hotels conceptualized to relish the zest of life.


Hotel Rembrant has 71 newly appointed guest rooms with contemporary furnishings and amenities. Each rooms are equipped with Internet access, hotel electronic key lock facility, IDD/NDD telephone facility, multi lingual cable television, minibar, hot and cold shower.

According to Ritchie Lagunilla during his guesting under “Let’s Talk About Career” Radio Show at DZME 1530 with host Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, ” ..because of the patrons, AHMGI is hiring more staff and expanding. Our hotels are inspired by different artists and we’re offering the ultimate luxury and convenience with a range of facilities to satisfy every guest’s requirements.”


Heard about and looking forward to be greeted by their friendly staffs and have the guests’ coupons for the complimentary 15 minute back massage and for welcome drinks. An effort to show the tremendous services they are offering since the hotel have “VidaVerde Spa” for dermatology, cosmetic, laser, varicose veins treatment and massages.


For a nice dining experience, Hotel Rembrandt offers a hearty buffet for meryenda (snacks), dinner and breakfast at “The Lobby” to satisfy your craving for a Filipino classic dishes and a la carte choices plus match it with a wide range of drinks from cocktails to fresh juices. Opens from 6AM to 1AM. Right now because of the Summer heat, a “Halo Halo” buffet is available for only Php 150.00.

I also have my eye on visiting the other hotels from AHMGI; Le Monet Hotel Baguio, Hotel Rembrandt QC, Vitalis Resort & Spa Santiago, Ilocos Sur, Hotel Luna Vigan and Stay Lite Candon, Ilocos Sur.

For more information, contact Hotel Rembrandt at their email address, or Telephone # +6323733333 Loc 201-204 or call TAG Media and PR to 09166299381.

Visit Hotel Rembrandt at 26 Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1104, Philippines

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Joined KidZania Go! at Rockwell Tent


Do you remember the days past when a student does not get prepared for what course to take in college until your final year in highschool? Long waiting game is over because as early as childhood, your kids can be guided what they want to become and what they want to be trained for, when they grow up. This is where KidZania Manila can help mommies like me. So off we went to KidZania Go!, a sneak peak experience on what KidZania Manila has to offer. KidZania Manila is set to open soon at Bonifacio Global City.


Since the teaser event had all kids join an hourly session, the 2pm session started with gathering all of the kids to work with art materials. Kids were given crayons and coloring sheets to complete and to have the first glimpse of what KidZania is all about. What I appreciate is the teacher ratio. They assigned a significant number of teachers to help the kids go around the booths, complete the activities, sanitize hands, tie up aprons and even help mommies take pictures.


Beebop’s Gallery is where the afternoon started, with my kids handed aprons to wear, paintbrush and paint palette to use. Kids chose to paint on the walls or on the tables. My kids got busy painting a chandelier spot on the wall. Teachers handed them mini-slides to color as soon as they are done.

urbanoUrbano the scientist took them all to the Science lab. Kids sure looked so cute wearing lab gowns and gloves before proceeding with the experiment for the day. They tried their hands on mixing ink, water and oil and got a mini Science-class/explanation around the activity.


Chika who has the will to share, encouraged kids to step into her bakeshop kitchen. With hair caps and aprons in tow, kids were given ingredients to a frost-it-yourself cookie sets. With the Kidzania jingle playing, it was not too long before kids started singing along and greeting each other bye with : Zee you! as they all prep to go to the next learning area.



Now Vita, is the agriculture advocate. Kids’ hands got dirty with soil, shovel, plants and mini-watering cans. All of these while donning farmers’ hats. By the way, everything that kids got to prepare, they got to bring home, too.



Finally, it was time to meet the one who completes the KidZania team, Bache dog – and showed everyone how it is to have the will to play. All KidZania character mascots showed up onstage, sang and danced to the KidZania jingle.


Among the highlights of the day for me, was seeing my kids Gab and Sofia sign up on the KidZania Go! wall, answering the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Sofia whose love for Science was driven home by Urbano, signed her name with Doctor before it, while Gab whose love and admiration for his Daddy had to wrote Pastor Gab. KidZania committed to have more profession booths ready in time for opening this year.


Declaring God’s promise for the great future awaiting kids of today’s generation:

Psalm 103:17 ESV But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children.





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Mommy Bloggers Philippines

Joined Diva Channel’s High Heeled Warriors Talk

Women come in all shapes and sizes, women also get to play different roles, women are unique and does not conform to any stereotype, thus is the mix of women attendees on the High Heeled Warriors Talk presented by Diva Channel and Lactacyd at Rockwell Power Plant.


It was interesting to get to know Lactacyd’s High Heeled Warrior Personality: Heartwarmers, Social Sider, Passionista, Trailblazer and Peacekeeper. Fully identified with being a Heartwarmer who are known to be sociable, optimistic and content, mostly needs a wardrobe update and needs to budget for it, too.


Among the highlights of the event was hearing the speakers talk around their strengths as women movers and shakers.  My fave, of course, were the high-heeled mommy warriors Lani of Tweenselmom, Louisa of Art of Being a Mom, Joy of Joybites. They all showed us how to excel in our mommy gifting without sacrificing what we need to complete for our respective families. Also appreciated how they talked about their life adjustments to mommyhood, loving what they do – blogging, and their success story, attributed to a strong support group of mommies who all work at being the best moms in the house.


Sisters Danah and Stacy Guttierez of Plump Pinays also shared about body love and feeling flawsome. It is when you recognize that you are beautifully and wonderfully created by God with a special set of giftings (unique to each other). They help create women who do not strive to be perfect or who do not support anything that drives the wrong mindset around how women look like. These sisters helped drive home the point that it is okay to be different and it is okay to be a different size, after all, confidence comes from knowing who you are before God and what you can become out of what you do with your giftings.


Proverbs 31:26 She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. 

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