A Working Day in Pictures

rsz_1mbp_pinkAnd so the week starts without a helper at home which means today starts with the new Ate’s coming in and needing to be trained. Since this had to happen mid-week, this meant working from home for me, all while showing and demonstrating and pointing out how to run things around. And I just had to add another item to it, to blog about it. So read up and look at my view for the day.

Started with the first item on what I named: Helpers’ Onboarding Day, like your ever trusted Project Manager, I started with a timelined checklist while getting started how to complete the Wednesday items: Cleaning up the yard, watering the plants, giving the dog a bath, oh and by the way, taking out the trash for the Wednesday truck to pick up. Mommies have to remember all, because the new Ate’s will not know what they don’t know. Hope I didn’t miss anything in time for me to get back to the office tomorrow.
As soon as the kiddos were off to school, took out my work stuff to start catching up on emails, meeting deliverables, respond to urgent items. Again, all while helping ensure I got all the uniforms’ patches are sewn, everything supplied in the kitchen, lunch and dinner plans ready and praying while making a decision to make this day work. Learned over the years that Mommy Issues are best given to God, after all.
Weapons for work – armed and ready. Frequent walks around the house while typing away, my new Ate’s must be wondering: what in the world is she doing hopping from one mommy task to another office task? Reminder to self, finish writing this off before kids get back from school. This is juggling both work and home, literally. What works for me? Encouragement from God and countless people who help me. Remembering a convo with my husband a couple of days ago, asked me to close my eyes and imagine my kids 5 years older: where we will never need to have any helper at home anymore, where my kids get to do more things independently, where I get to talk to kids and delegate more daily items for big kuya’s to handle. I just had to thank God for it, smile and say: Yes, God, to working excellently until that 5th year picture comes.


So I say my thanks to God for my Wednesday. For I am confident that there is no wasted experience with Him, He is neither late nor too early. In the coming days, months or years, God will use this day to be part of my story for the moms who will need to hear this, just as I have been reminded today that it is not just about today. It is about agreeing for today to be part of the great future that God has reserved for me. With or without helpers, with or without work, with or without gradeschoolers, I can rest and be assured that nothing can go wrong as long as God steers my wheel.

Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.