Joined KidZania Go! at Rockwell Tent


Do you remember the days past when a student does not get prepared for what course to take in college until your final year in highschool? Long waiting game is over because as early as childhood, your kids can be guided what they want to become and what they want to be trained for, when they grow up. This is where KidZania Manila can help mommies like me. So off we went to KidZania Go!, a sneak peak experience on what KidZania Manila has to offer. KidZania Manila is set to open soon at Bonifacio Global City.


Since the teaser event had all kids join an hourly session, the 2pm session started with gathering all of the kids to work with art materials. Kids were given crayons and coloring sheets to complete and to have the first glimpse of what KidZania is all about. What I appreciate is the teacher ratio. They assigned a significant number of teachers to help the kids go around the booths, complete the activities, sanitize hands, tie up aprons and even help mommies take pictures.


Beebop’s Gallery is where the afternoon started, with my kids handed aprons to wear, paintbrush and paint palette to use. Kids chose to paint on the walls or on the tables. My kids got busy painting a chandelier spot on the wall. Teachers handed them mini-slides to color as soon as they are done.

urbanoUrbano the scientist took them all to the Science lab. Kids sure looked so cute wearing lab gowns and gloves before proceeding with the experiment for the day. They tried their hands on mixing ink, water and oil and got a mini Science-class/explanation around the activity.


Chika who has the will to share, encouraged kids to step into her bakeshop kitchen. With hair caps and aprons in tow, kids were given ingredients to a frost-it-yourself cookie sets. With the Kidzania jingle playing, it was not too long before kids started singing along and greeting each other bye with : Zee you! as they all prep to go to the next learning area.



Now Vita, is the agriculture advocate. Kids’ hands got dirty with soil, shovel, plants and mini-watering cans. All of these while donning farmers’ hats. By the way, everything that kids got to prepare, they got to bring home, too.



Finally, it was time to meet the one who completes the KidZania team, Bache dog – and showed everyone how it is to have the will to play. All KidZania character mascots showed up onstage, sang and danced to the KidZania jingle.


Among the highlights of the day for me, was seeing my kids Gab and Sofia sign up on the KidZania Go! wall, answering the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Sofia whose love for Science was driven home by Urbano, signed her name with Doctor before it, while Gab whose love and admiration for his Daddy had to wrote Pastor Gab. KidZania committed to have more profession booths ready in time for opening this year.


Declaring God’s promise for the great future awaiting kids of today’s generation:

Psalm 103:17 ESV But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children.





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23 thoughts on “Joined KidZania Go! at Rockwell Tent

  1. Kidzania is really a great place for kids! They get to learn while having fun. I’m excited for the opening of Kidzania Manila so I can bring my little man.. I’m sure he’s going to enjoy that place!


  2. Sayang, we didn’t get to meet each other. We joined the 315pm batch last Sunday. Super enjoy! We can’t wait for Kidzania Manila to open in BGC. Sana very soon na talaga!


  3. I really am loving these Kidzania posts! and good point mommy, Kidzania will help reduce the stress of our kids in the future as they are given the chance to check out what they really want to do as early as around 6 years old.. :3


  4. I’m so chained to my computer that I always miss events like these. Once the Kidzania BGC opens, I’ll be one of the first people to be there (boxing out the kids . . . just kidding!). =)


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