Tong Yang Hot Pot : OpenRice.Com Review

I love both my mom and mom-in-law. Both have become strong mom models for me and have shaped me to be the mom I am now. My mom and mom-in-law are different from each other but we celebrate life milestones the same. So to celebrate my mom-in-law’s birthday, my husband my sisters-in-law trooped to the nearest Tong Yang Hot Pot to enjoy good food and to remember family blessings. We usually seat ourselves strategically around the buffet table. I personally survey all the buffet tables first before I go for a plate. My husband usually picks up salad as appetizer, some of friends would go for fruit, I go for whatever I feel like having as appetizer, can be fruits, canapés or even ice cream! Then if it is Tong Yang Hot Pot, be ready to sit around smoked pots and do your part in grilling and setting up the hot pot (that is part of the food fun). We all helped ourselves to choosing what we want to see in the soup, before we go for our own plates. I am a ‘meat-and-seafood-person’, you can easily tell with my body (wink) and what an odd combo too. So I go for the barbecues and I am the first who would order bacon, shrimp and crabs from the kitchen. Yep, bacon, fresh and big shrimps and crabs are available at Tong Yang only if you ask them to be served from the kitchen. Two other things we do at Tong Yang buffet? We never eat any of the rice or pasta and we never gulp on unlimited drinks until we are done with our plate or at least until we feel we had to drink. After gorging on everything we have cooked and plated, if you still have space in your tummy, you can try their dessert table. Just make sure you ask for a clean ice cream scooper for your turn, it can get so murky with excessive buffet ice cream use.

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines



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