Do you hate Workday Mondays? Read up!

rsz_1mbp_pinkI am sure you have heard about Monday Blues, Monday Jitters or Sluggish Monday. I have heard Monday called everything but I am yet to hear one thank God for a Monday! I am not sure if you realize but it has been found out that every person works at an average of 90,000 worked hours in a lifetime. By WORK, we do not just mean those who are employed full time outside the home, this includes students who labor for excellent grades, those who run their businesses, those who run the homes full time, in short, everyone has been created for a form of work, we have been wired to function as how we have been purposed to function. The internet has a lot of things to say about work, media has a long list of opinions, your friends have something to say about it, your neighbour gets to have a say on it, and even your hairdresser has a perspective about your work. But who do we really go to in order for us to find out what ‘work’ should be for?


When God created me and when Mom gave birth to me, I am pretty sure I did not come with any manufacturer’s manual or a user guide for my mom to use. It just makes sense that the one who has created me is the authority who can also tell me what I have been created for. So when God has wired and purposed me to be the working mom (works outside the home) I am now, it is just right for me to look at Biblical truths that define what work should be for a mom like me.

  1. God created work

10 God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good. – Genesis 1:10

God Himself worked. But what was interesting to see was to discover that work is something that was referred to as ‘good’. So work has always meant to make things better. Work that is not good can very well be named a burden. So when one does say ‘work’, I hope that it does not create an image of discomfort or hassle or worst, unwanted labor. Work has been created to be good and pleasant and a blessing. As we know, God does not add any trouble to any form of blessing. So if work is not something good for you, ask God and see if you are doing that which you have been created to do. Is it right for you to work, if so, do you have the right job? Are you able to honor God with your work? Are you able to balance your priorities (mine is God, husband, children, ministry, work and everything else) with your job? God created work that is meant to be enjoyable, fun and rewarding. Otherwise, we can ask God to redeem the way you view work and God’s purpose of work for you.

  1. God works

God has modelled work for us, instead of asking the angels to do the work for Him. God has always been working in our behalf, even up until today, I do not think God is in the habit of checking out. He is committed to continue to work so He can prepare our eternal paradise. Scientists would know that the Earth if it moves an inch closer to the sun, it will burn and if it moves an inch farther from the sun, it will freeze. Who do you think keeps the Earth on track, or who keeps it away from crashing with the gazillion things in space?

  1. We Should Work

By this, I mean, do the work that God has created us to have. If it is to stay at home fulltime, to work outside the home, to run your own business, so be it! Work is your personal Garden of Eden, it is personal and if you are not yet sure if you are tilling your Garden of Eden at this point, ask God about your calling and what God has created you for. It is most likely aligned with what God has trained you for. God has also made your calling desirable and rewarding for you. This is what work as calling does to moms like us, if you are doing the work you should be doing, you cannot go wrong and will inevitably grow and abound in it. On the other hand, if you are exhausting time, effort and money on work that is not part of your calling, you may be working yourself to death but may never find the joy and the fulfilment that only the ‘work’ God has prepared you for can bring.

If unsure, ask what your strengths, gifting and skills are. What do you find most joyful doing? How are the people around you responding to your role? Whatever your work is, it helps to have a support group who share the same values as you do. Does your support group empower you to be the woman God has created you to become? Does it encourage you to play the roles you play for your family, friendships, work or ministry? Does it create an avenue to raise your questions or share your challenges about your season in life? Does it point you to the truth that is not reliant on what majority has to say or a truth that creates a need for you to please people? Feel free to comment your “why’s” about work below.

ptrdemsPoints used above have been quoted with permission from a Sunday worship service message of Ptr. Dems Villanueva of Victory Nova.

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