Sky Cable Playback Rewind – Weekend Family Fun

It was SKY family weekend fun last 25th of July as Sky Cable celebrated its 25th anniversary with a family offering at Rockwell Tent. Both kids and the young at heart enjoyed a day full of pinoy games and kids’ favorite activities. Makingworkingmomswork was there to witness all of the games and it was indeed a playback afternoon as Sky Cable brought us back to an authentic Pinoy afternoon game time.

dama jackstones pickupsticks piko tumbangpreso

All Pinoy games such as life-size dama, jackstones, pick up sticks, piko and tumbang preso booths were open for both kids and parents to play. The kids also had their mouths open as the Yoyo master showed off his yoyo tricks. All moms present, I’m sure was reminded about how kids would spend afternoons sweating and playing under the sun instead of today’s usual tablet/computer games fun.

freebies freebies2

All participants went home with full tummies and bags care of Sky Cable and sponsors. As if the game and food booths were not enough, attendees went home with the best take-away of classic Pinoy game memories in mind. Particularly liked the tent decorated with Pinoy kites, bringing back memories of old-school yarn, plastic and sticks childhood memories and they even set up a kite-making and claydough booth!

kitemaking@claydoughfunranch newzealandnatural skybooth Pinoy music booth was also nostalgic plus screen time with everything you want from Sky Cable, toys left and right, the event was a big hit to all kids present. Thanks Sky Cable for making this possible! To another 25 years!


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