Tim Ho Wan : OpenRice.Com Review


So it was after a site visit with one of the best teams at work that we find ourselves going into the doors of Tim Ho Wan in Makati. It sits right across a bookstore and there was no wasted time when we sat for more than 10 minutes for food because a couple of us opted to go to the bookstore and check out the coloring books for grown-ups.


It was a complete Chinese restaurant experience. If not for Tagalog and English languages spoken around the resto, you would think you have just walked into a restaurant from any of our Chinese countries nearby.





Heard endlessly and have seen pictures after pictures and tweets about Tim Ho Wan’s buns with pork barbecue and I instantly knew what they were raving about. Of course, there is the usual Chinese fare that’s among my favourites, the classic siomai. I have got to add spinach dumpling with shrimp to my favourites list. It was just a struggle for me to eat it with chopsticks. I needed to ask for spoon and form (I know, next life skill to learn is eating with chopsticks).

Overall, food is excellently delicious but the wait time for food at peak lunch is something they can improve on.

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