Project Pie : OpenRice.Com Review


Of all the projects I have gotten my hands on, there is a favourite project I always like to have : Project Pie. Unlike any other project, it is one that does not add gray hairs to your head, one that does not require an action log and one that has “return” as soon as it is out of the oven (literally!). I did not realize that I can create my own pizza, much less, did not believe until I tried it, that I can make deliciously inviting pizzas by just picking out what I want to taste for the day. My husband will always be better at this than I do. Are you ready? Project Pie experience starts now.


It is not just pizzas that they come and visit Project Pie for, it is also with their unlimited drinks that allow all of the diners to while away the time while munching on good food and meaningful talks. It is also accessible right at the Central Garden of Fairview Terraces. No need to take flights of stairs or brave the crowds in the shop because it is away from the hustle and bustle of the stores in Ayala. From Project Pie, you can clearly see and silently gaze at the garden outside which gets dressed up always according to what the mall wants to celebrate. Just make sure you do not sit right next to the alley that leads to the wash room, can get busy with people milling to and from this area.



Overall, scoring this restaurant a five for its concept, food and comfort.

2015-10-02 14.39.13


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