Herencia Restaurant : OpenRice.Com Review


There is something about Herencia Garden Cafe  that makes you want to visit. For one, it is included as a destination to any Northern Philippines tour package. And so when we got to Herencia Garden Cafe, we have heard all the stories we need to hear about their specialty pizzas and more. The atmosphere of the resto is nostalgic, even to a point, brings you back to historic times. Not to mention that it sits right across the famous Paoay church. You can almost feel that if you walk into that part of the city in a Fil-Hispanic costume, it will feel like you are part of an authentic antique photo.

herencia3And so, our food experiment began with interesting pizza flavours and we have the kids to critique the food. Have you ever heard about a pizza flavour out of seaweeds? Well, there’s Herencia’s Gamet Pizza. It didn’t taste like seafood, at all, was expecting to have the slimy feel of a seaweed but surprisingly, there was none. It was the right level of seafood saltiness that makes it yummy. Then there’s longganisa pizza, yep, but longganisa that is not meant for breakfast. It boasts of your usual cheesy pizza crust but unique enough that it teases your taste buds with your fave longga flavour.



longganisaGuess what? They have two in one flavour type of pizza. Didn’t expect that their dinuguan pizza will be a big hit with my kids, much less, their pinakbet pizza.

herencia4Next time you are at the North, try Herencia Garden Cafe and make sure it is among your stops for the trip.

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