Toby’s Estate : OpenRice.Com Review  


It was a Philippine holiday but employed for an Australian company, we all trooped to the office for a day at work. Since it is a holiday, it was not surprising to see our office building’s food floor closed, dark and empty. So off we stepped out of the building, walked around Makati which is surprisingly free of heavy traffic, and with crowd-free streets anywhere you look. It was both good and bad because we had to walk around for coffee options when we would normally just go to the second floor for a famous American coffee brand.

20150925_065341We found this pretty nook Toby’s Estate. I am not new to this coffee shop, having tried before several of their pastries. But for this morning, it was a coffee run.

The last time I visited, I had to try their hot latte, it was so beautifully crafted with a heart shaped coffee froth on top. But with a sweet tooth, I was not ready for the bitter taste of coffee. I instantly understood why they have a big number of following from coffee connoisseurs, it was not coffee meant for those who do not usually drink one. For today’s visit, I just had to try the iced mocha, even their mocha coffee was not your usual Pinoy sweet mocha but my taste bud welcomed the combined sweet and bitter taste of freshly brewed flavoured coffee.

FB_IMG_1443187807648-1A colleague from work opted to go for Iced Flat White, for some reason, this is what brings him again and again to Toby’s door. Just before we headed out, we just had to take away bacon and egg roll plus their tuna bread paired with long black coffee with milk. It was super tasty and refreshingly different from your always-sweet-pastry-and-coffee-combo, it was gobbled up by my boss in no time.




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