Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss : OpenRice.Com Review          


As soon as we walked in to Ecomm Plaza’s Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss, we knew that it was going to be a happy-tummy-food-experience. The spot was not as busy as the others around them, probably because of the perfectly situated kitchen plus quick service that you will never need to have too many staff hopping from one table to the next to update your orders.   It was interesting to see the Japanese word KOSHI defined on the placemat. It is not everyday that you get to add learnings and a new word to add to your food vocabulary. Remembering the other interesting food terminologies I encountered such as your papaya salad, stinky tofu or pad thai.

20150918_113413_1Their kitchen counter shows a window where anyone can peek in and see what is going on in the kitchen. I am keen to see the state of the kitchen everytime I walk into the resto. How the restos showcase their kitchens and how they allow customers to see their kitchens says a lot about how they prepare your food and how they value you as a customer.

Shoyu ramen is a soy-based broth with noodles, meat and veggies. I am not a big fan of soy but this is the only soy-like food I can devour anytime. Bamboo shoots in this shoyu ramen reminds me of home-cooked meals with what we know as ‘labong’, made more delicious with the ramen’s flavour. Kani Salad, gyoza, gyudon and katsudon completed our Moshi Koshi experience.




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