Sidestreet Cafe : OpenRice.Com Review


I recently hosted an intimate group for a bridal shower celebration and we found this cozy nook along Commonwealth Avenue, Sidestreet Cafe. It is known for the crowd at night, with its sports telecasts and live bands performing on acoustic nights. But little did we know that we were in for a food treat for lunch, at the same spot where everyone wants to troop to, at night


It was such a relief to find out that Sidestreet Cafe has allowed us to dress up the place to make it appropriate for the occasion. So we used DIY centerpieces that is aligned with the theme pink and gray, sprinkled wooden utensils (synched with the couples’ wedding giveaways – silver utensils), and dressed up the rest with pompoms, wooden letters and doilies.


I decided to cater to everyone’s taste by sampling all of their pizza and pasta dishes. Their carbonara with the perfect al dente pasta, served with toasted slice of bread. Had to ask for extra parmesan (being an extreme pasta lover), it was big enough for a serving of three to four. We also sampled their classic red-sauced pasta, and the taste of tomato combined with the Pinoy spag sauce taste, made my taste buds really happy.

20150829_124112-1Wanting more pizza options? They have Bolognaise, Gambasetti, Spaghetti Agla Olio with Salsa and Fettuccine Alfredo.



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