Friday’s : OpenRice.Com Review


The first thing that greets you the moment you step into Friday’s Fairview Terraces restaurant is the warm smile from its staff. You are then ushered into a table you prefer and the staff right away introduces himself as your server for the day. Ours really went out of his way to come back to our table periodically to ask if there is anything else we will need. Even before the food came, we were liking our experience.

20150825_163256So it was time to sample what we came here for: the food! The first plate served was Chili Ballpark Nachos. It was a plate full of nachos with pork and cheesy nachos sauce. Unlike other nachos plates from other restos, this one has all nachos on the plate covered with sauce and meat! It didn’t go as fast because serving was big enough for me and three other colleagues from work.


That was not all we loved at Friday’s. There was also their chicken fingers and fries. I automatically made a mental note to try this next time with my kids. So it whiles away fun dining time while munching on delicious fare on the table. It comes served with lemon and dips. By the way, the fries do not taste like they are fresh soaking from the deep fry machine. It is served with less oil and with the right amount of crisp.




More foodies to try with Friday’s include Tortilla Crusted Fish Tacos and their fries served with mini-burgers. Best to visit before peak dining hours to find the best spot for conversation or for viewing sports telecasts on the screens.

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