Indonyaki : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkHave you read the book “Love Languages”? Well, my husband and I put it to the test on a daily basis. Mine is Words while his is Service and so inevitably, what he appreciates most is Service as well, just as I do, Words. And so, as a form of life-long expression of service, and true to how we have grown our friendship before we got married (we used to be part of a group of 5 who would go to restaurants to try never-been-tasted-food), we found this nook that is best known for good food, Indonyaki. Have long been curious about the countless raves I hear about this pocket resto that we just had to go and try it. We were not disappointed. Read on.


I have never been to Indonesia but if this is what food in Indonesia will be, I can live there forever. Lumpia  is a good plate to start with, has a way of neutralizing your taste buds with familiar Pinoy taste and should also prepare you from stronger Indonesia flavour for the next dishes.

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Fan of canton? Add in seafood plus Indonyaki’s own authentic taste and you got Seafood Canton. It was a hit with the kids. They did not realize that they were eating seafood that they would not usually eat if served separately.

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Other dishes to drool for: Ayam Goreng paired with Indonyaki rice.



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