Viking’s : OpenRice.Com Review


I always have a good reason to celebrate and find good food to enjoy with family or friends but this time, for our visit to Viking’s, it was both for a good and sad reason. Good because it marks a beginning of something new and exciting for me at the workplace but sad because I need to say goodbye to a bunch of great people at work to give way to a re-assignment. Read on and know my Viking’s food story. We called in for a reservation but not ready to see that there was a swarm of people waiting in line outside. Actually, not literally in line, but people everywhere! So we have been told that even those who have reserved for tables, needed to be called by number until a table inside gets freed up. And then the rest of the countless peeps there, were among those who decided to walk in, hoping to have reservations cancelled.  It turns out, that your reservation can get cancelled when the receptionist calls your number and no one comes up to get it. So after a little over an hour of waiting (while standing up), we finally got our table.


So as soon as we got seated, we scampered like we didn’t know each other and headed to the food table. It was probably because of wait time that I decided to go fill my plate with just about anything I fancy. I made a mental note to just get one or two pieces of each so I can sample as much food as I can. That’s what buffets do to me, I end up planning what to put into my plate for a little less size than usual so I can squeeze in more into the plate. By the way, no one was celebrating birthday but a server handed us a birthday cake and we just had to take a picture of it.

2015-10-02 12.09.20

Whatever waiting we had to do, it was worth the wait because the food delivered more than what it promised, hopped from one food bar to the next and even ordered food to get sent to the table (baked oysters, Shrimp Sigang, barbecue and even crabs!)

2015-10-02 12.10.46

I promised myself to get better at making reservations (weekday lunch, maybe) so I can get a better experience at it.

2015-10-02 12.12.48


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