Joined Best Food Forward – Rockwell Weekend


Nuffnangers spent a leisurely afternoon over food, food and food. Not new to the food fair scene but this one is quite different. Best Food Forward 2015 is bigger and better than previous years. It ran for two days (Saturday and Sunday) at the Rockwell Tent and my friends and I trooped to Rockwell Tent to sample and have our fill. Browse through this blog post in pictures.

If you are big on dips and salad dressings, Whisk is for you. Personally tried their strawberry flavored dip with their cracker bits and I actually liked it. Best Food Forward, i think, offered more than 5 dip and salad dressing options.
Whisk bestseller is their spinach and artichoke dips. Best kept cold and refrigerated before you used it as dip or before using it as salad dressing.
Chizu is not your usual cheese cupcakes around, these have been baked in brick fire charcoal oven. Just from sampling it, you taste the fresh bread and you know that it is free from your usual cheesecake preservatives.
If you have always liked your Mediterranean dose of food delight, this hummus is for you. Sample it all you like. Despite so many people milling around their booth, didn’t get disappointed when I sampled it.
Tried their small serving of Crunchy Belly the moment we stepped in. However, we were wise enough not to stay too long. May be too delicious you can lose track of how much pork you have already eaten.
So after doing all the walking and completing the rounds in Rockwell Tent, stepped out of the tent and found the perfect meal for lunch. TT served us fresh from the grill pork served with tomatoes, salted egg, atchara. One may also opt to spray vinegar to your food before you have your fill.
Making your sausage picks? Sevilla and Sons takes care of small batch sausages made from the finest pork. It was quite dizzying to sample too many pork options around the tent. It didn’t help that it sat right next to Seacharon and just a stone’s throw away from crispy pata kiosk.
world class crack pie The Red Hot Oven was also at the food fair. Theirs will definitely give the other Metro bakers a run for their money.


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