Tried Nutri10 Plus for my Active Kids


As a mom, I have always been on an endless search for the perfect multivitamins for my kids. There was one I tried which made my kids feel sleepy at any time of the day (even on hours when they should be active in school!), chewables also did not work since the small kids ended up chewing them like candy anytime they want. Also, since my four kids have two year gaps in between, it is quite a challenge to find one and the same multivitamin I can give all four kids of different ages. As we prepare for my kids’ Christmas calendar of activities, it helps to have a partnership for my kids’ health.


It was a relief to have received Wert Philippines’ Nutri10 Plus multivitamins. We have been on Nutri10 Plus for the past months and I knew I have met the perfect match. With the active lifestyle of my kids, I need all the help I can get to keep them healthy and fit for their daily activity. If I were to list all my blessings, good health of my kids will be among the top items on the list.




My youngest David has started school this year and he has adjusted to waking up early in the morning to get started for school. It helps him to have enough hours of sleep each night to get him right and ready each morning. Since I got him started with Nutri10, he has enough energy for afternoon playtime.



Since both me and my husband work, we plan around our schedule and travel with the kids whenever we can. Sofia enjoys the water so much, she won’t let any day at the pool without getting into the water. Sofia has gotten better with reading this year, with combined focus on study, right diet and vitamins, she is developing the daily habit of writing her own story. It is easy to keep an active lifestyle when you know your kids are getting Vitamin C to boost their immune system and development of healthy cells.

nutri10gab nutri10gab2

My Gab has been accelerated in school, he skipped 3rd grade and it is easy to make the mistake of neglecting his physical health all because he is ahead with his intellectual health. Playtime is now rougher with kids, there are ropes to climb, hurdles to jump over, trampolines to jump on and countless play activities available in school. Nutri10 Plus has Taurine to keep his bones strong and ready for boys’ rough play.

Kyle on his first mission trip
Kyle on his first mission trip

Since Nutri10 Plus can be taken by tweens, my 11 year old never misses it in the morning, especially as he prepares for Science High school entrance exams. He has been showing more energy and readiness to attend his Saturday and Sunday morning review classes.

Nutri10 Plus is available in all leading drug stores at Php160/120 ml bottle.

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23 thoughts on “Tried Nutri10 Plus for my Active Kids

  1. Now I know what vitamins to buy! We’ve tried several already but most makes them sleepy which will not work for us since both are already in school! Will definitely try this one. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’ve never heard of Nutri10 but def should give a try, especially because my nieces and nephews are so energetic!


  3. Oh. I have to agree with Jeypi, I remembered Tiki-Tiki with this one. But it is also nice to try other brands to know which really works for your child. The benefits are also nice and I can also suggest this to my friends and relatives who have their kids. 🙂 | Spices and Everything Nice


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