BibimHaru : OpenRice.Com Review


It is quite a privilege to be able to report to diffferent locations all throughout the week. This means working from different energizing and future ways of working (FWoW) workplaces. Last Friday was no different as we all trooped to Manila Bay for our usual end-of-week team meet up (This Telstra team usually agrees to head to just one site so we can have ‘us’ time at least once a week). Lunch does not always happen at the same time due to workload, though, but thanking God for last Friday’s free calendar hour for lunch! We originally thought there was a chicken restaurant around the area (wrong!) so BibimHaru right across the road caught our eye. Quite interesting to say the name BibimHaru, it sounded like a mix of Korean with a twist of Ilokano (on the haru, wink wink!)


I went for what they call their bestseller, no less than their Pork Bibimbap. Surprisingly, this Korean restaurant has everything imaginable on their menu! There is Korean, Japanese, and Pinoy food. Background music is equally interesting with their Pinoy pop music (from the 90’s!), as cheesy music as a beer joint can bring (no offense meant). If you are into Korean food adventure, I am sure you did not miss to note that their food, mostly, are spicy. Their Bibimbap is definitely spicy, first off, the difference between their Light and Hungry serving is so minimal we couldn’t tell which one was Light and which one was Hungry when they were served. Bibimbap is a smoking-hot bowl of rice topped with minced pork with sesame seeds, chilli pepper paste (a generous amount of it), carrots, spinach, mushroom and zucchini and of course, the half cooked egg at the center, served on a sizzling bowl on a sizzling tray. It took a while to finish off the plate, my tongue did not know if it was too hot or too spicy (yep, that lethal combo).




Best other items on the menu you can pair bibimbap with: mais con yelo, fried crispy pork.

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