Wee Nam Kee : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkMy Hainanese Chicken destination restaurant has been different, but for this food experience, we opted to try Wee Nam Kee whose bestsellers include Hainanese Chicken. This restaurant has all the traditional Chinese resto feel and surroundings. It may be missing the lazy suzan on round tables and the speakers may be playing mainstream pop music, but the food will remind you what an authentic Chinese restaurant is all about. Don’t get confused if you have associated Hainanese with other Asian countries, that’s because Hainanese which has been derived from Hainan China can almost always be ordered from other Asian countries. As if this is not confusing enough, Singapore has Hainanese chicken as its national dish, it is like our very own Adobo in the Philippines.


20151117_12030820151117_11595820151117_115944So what is Hainanese Chicken?  At Wee Nam Kee, you have an option to go with steamed or fried chicken served with rice, chicken bone stock and specially flavoured Hainan chicken sauce. Not known to many, you can actually ask for an extra bowl of Hainan chicken sauce everytime you order Hainanese chicken.

Another must-try is Crispy Mantou Bread with Condensed Milk. Ever look back to using condensed milk as bread spread? This is the real deal, yummy bread dipped in condensed milk. On your next visit, you can go and add in Curry Noodles. It is curry with all the right flavours.

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