Let us thank God for 2015!


In the coming weeks, we will see a wave of year-enders from all around, your TV shows’ episodes in a capsule, 2015 lists of top sellers, box-office hits, and even breakthrough news. Looking back, 2015 has been a year that has given all of us more than enough reasons to thank God for. If you share the same set of blessings, feel free to share 2015 blessings in pictures. As 2016 approaches, it is time again to believe God for what He has planned for the year. Dare to believe for 2016.


Answered Prayer #1: Opportunities to spend time with my husband and kids. I always say that the best time spent this year were the ones we spent at home, but, it was also fun to explore new places with the entire fam! It is when you oohh and aahhh at the same time for the beauty that God has created all around us. Most, if not all, of our best travel time weren’t the most expensive, they were as frugal as going with a long drive to somewhere we have not visited. Remember that it is the experience and lasting memories you are trying to build, in the same way, the most fun activities we have done as a family were the ones that didn’t cost us much (e.g. climbing the biggest tree in Asia, looking at the windmills in Bangui, trying halo halo in Vigan).


Answered Prayer #2: Celebrations, milestones, and breakthroughs were shared over food for 2015! Remembering thanking God with the team over food for my son’s first mission trip, our traditional midnight birthday greetings are usually capped with a simple celebration breakfast the day after, and of course, opportunities to spend time with the best people for our Christmas traditions. It was also fun to take on food projects that took me to enjoying food to a different level. It brought the blessing of upping my taste for flavor and valuable conversation over food!

breakthrough3Answered Prayer #3: Thanking God for being part of a spiritual family that encourages, equips and empowers you. It is also a spiritual family that never go blind with the communities around it. The same love we are getting from Victory Nova has stretched to houses, families and campuses in San Jose. It has taught us how to be a better parent, a better husband/wife, reminding us that everyone is a work in progress, teaching us to respond as how God responds to us in love and generosity.


Answered Prayer #4: Going thirteen years in marriage, it has opened our eyes to regard each other in love, forgiveness and acceptance. It has allowed us to choose which values we want our kids to have, to prioritize or limit the influences we want our kids to be exposed to, all while enjoying each other, discovering each other and not getting tired of each other. Moments when my husband would ask me to close my eyes and dream before God are priceless moments in marriage I will never trade with anything else.


Answered Prayer #5: Just as I thank God for what my husband does as a calling, I also thank God for granting us the best mommy-friendly job I can have. I thank God for the blessings of being part of the best team at work, I thank God for allowing me to learn everyday at work, and to always be on the lookout to push for better things whether for our customers, our employees or for my colleagues. It is my prayer that we can continue to steward the best jobs we have been given whether it is work we need to do at home for our kids or duties we need to perform from our workplaces.



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