Real Simplicity. Life on the Fast Lane or Life in Slow Motion?


Everyday has now become a blur of fast-paced activities and need to complete to-do-lists. With technology all around us, they all encourage us to multi-task – read while watching news on TV, while waiting for dinner to simmer, while sitting with the kids doing homework, all while your mind gives you a list of what you might have missed to do today.

I know it wasn’t chance when I got my hand on the book Real Simplicity written by Rozanne and Randy Frazee. The similarities with this author is just uncanny. Author had four kids, juggling parenting, work, home and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way complaining. If I were to have a chance to relive my life, I am definitely sure I would have made the same decision to have chosen the life I am living now. What with four differently gifted, brilliant kids, a loving husband, the best spiritual family and the best and yet most mom-friendly job I can have, there is nothing else to ask for. Today’s cherry on top came with good news that my eldest passed the exams for a Science High School.

So I went on asking God : what do I believe Him for, for 2016? For today’s post, we will look at just one word Simplify.

Real Simplicity. Get Creative. Memories need not be Expensive.
One does not need to step out of the house to have utmost fun. I always write that the best moments I have in my memory bank are those that I have spent at home. So on weekends where I get to have full days with the kids, we get the drawing materials out and build dreams. Kyle dreams of taking a Science course (it is a mix of Industrial Pharmacy and Marine Biology). It is fun to watch him weave and draw fictional stories with made up characters, away from Science which he usually tackles most parts of the day in school. It is the talking over coloring/drawing part that I enjoy the most. It takes me to a level of familiarity and comfortability that I get just enjoying how my kids are so different from each other.


Real Simplicity. Get Moving. Memories need not be Noisy.
With gadgets and electronics keeping our kids attention away from meaningful conversations, we can always opt to do activities that do not require any sound. Yep. Like biking around the village while enjoying everything around you. David who has recently learned how to play bike and now never fails to be out of the house keeps me encouraged. Just the other day, he has learned to get one of his (bigger) playmates on his bike while he drives.


Real Simplicity. Get Playing. Memories are not always with Toys.
Last Christmas, we found ourselves with family games we can play right at the comfort of our homes. Games where we can introduce sportsmanship, values that say It is okay to lose or we can’t always win at everything, we gather around Uno cards, Stacko, Skribbage and even loombands!

2016-01-16 10.39.34


It is our prayer for this year that no matter how busy our life gets, we will never miss to pause and enjoy family and relationships around us. After all, Jesus did not just move in yesterday, He has always been in our homes and all it takes is to introduce Him and His peace/comfort to everyone.

9 thoughts on “Real Simplicity. Life on the Fast Lane or Life in Slow Motion?

  1. I agree with you. Memories should not be expensive. Most of the unforgettable memories are the one you don’t expect.


  2. Your post is so timely! This serves a reminder for a working mom like me. I sometimes prefer my kids to stay at home and use the gadgets than torture me with nonsense. Time to get them out!


  3. Great post mommy! There’s beauty in simplificity. Simplied time, work and living. Have you read Joyce Meyer’s 100 ways to simplify your life? I love that book, it helps me a lot in simplifying my life.


  4. Sometimes I don’t know what “slow motion” means. I’ve been there. When I became a mom 3 daughters, everything happened so quickly, it was constant fast forward! I felt like was too demanding and there was too much chaos going on in my head. I can’t choose between business/work VS family. It’s like if I prioritize any of the two, one will suffer.


  5. i think i am inslow motion now, that i sometimes think of fast forwarding a bit to catch up with some missed opportunities… But when it comes to my child, I make it a point she enjoys every moment of her childhood experiencing all sorts of play time 🙂


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