Casa Verde : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkThe first thing that greets you when you land in Ayala, Cebu mall is its gigantic H&M hanger right in the middle of its central garden. Apparently, Cebu will see its first H&M shop, its first SM Seaside, and the grand sale at the newly opened Robinsons all on the same day. That’s good news for consumer Cebuanos, it will surely be traffic everywhere as people decide where to troop to with fam and friends.

20151125_140908But we weren’t in Cebu for shopping, but for work, both good reasons to visit Cebu. Since we only have technically two days and a half to stay in Cebu, we made sure we made all the best food stops while we were there. First stop, its famous homegrown restaurant Casa Verde. I’m not new to Casa Verde, have tried their huge steaks and ribs servings the last time I was in Cebu. For this visit, we tried Brian’s Ribs. Two huge ribs serving plated with rice and corn/carrots on the side. No wonder waiting line at Casa Verde can be too long on peak eating hours, despite the fact that there is The Suite Room on Ayala’s upper floor, a more posh sister restaurant of Casa Verde. Remembered a better version of Brian’s Ribs, though, from my last visit than what was served today, meat was harder to bite/slice than what I can remember.
20151125_14085820151125_135648You can either dine al fresco or dine in the comfort of airconditioning indoors. We opted for the fresh air outside and also tried their French fries and their chocolate milkshake. I definitely thought we ate something that would cost us more than a thousand bucks from Manila but it was just a little over than Php500.00 combined. Good value for money.

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Newest Pizza Hut Branch is Now Open!

rsz_1mbp_pinkI remember Cubao as the spot where we always used to go as kids during Christmas season. Because this was where Fiesta Carnival and Christmas on Display (COD) were. Cubao for me, brings up memories of sitting on my dad’s shoulders just so I can have the best view of the COD. Cubao has changed and improved a lot since then. Landmarks have been springing up left and right and Pizza Hut is the newest addition to it, located at the Kia Theater, from the location of the former New Frontier Theater, beside Gateway Mall Araneta (see OpenSnap review here).

But why will I go all the way to Cubao when there is always the nearest Pizza Hut everywhere I go? Because there is a specific set of Pizza Hut yummies that are served only at Pizza Hut Kia Theatre, such as baby back ribs with sides, the monster burger, pork steak barbecue, chunky beef burrito and stuffed Hungarian sausage, just to name a few.










For some reason, even the ambience is different from your usual Pizza Hut, it is most likely because of the wide flooring, comfortable sofa, bar lounge, two spacious floors, very large seating capacity, plenty of lighting, lively murals (Instagram-ready), combined with the usual warm, sincere and friendly service that we have always known from Pizza Hut.




If you are a student, no need to worry about the budget because everything that makes this branch special does not mean extra cost. In fact, there are Hut Feasts you can choose from, if you are budget-conscious but still want to spend time with family and friends over pizza.



Definitely went home with more than just pizza in tow. Adding this to the list of perfect spaces I can use for quality conversation over good food.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater is open from 7am to 11pm daily.

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