Cash On Delivery Online Purchase : Lazada Delivers to Your Doorsteps

Yes, you have heard it right, you can make online purchases from Lazada online with Cash on Delivery payment method. Today’s internet use has shaped and changed the way we all do our purchases, now at the tip of our fingertips, we can readily go online for just about anything we need. Of course, you have read in the past about my Lazada first purchase , then went on into attending Lazada’s Shop Till You Blog. This time, I am listing down the best buys from their ongoing Massive Mid-year Sale which will run from June 30 to July2.

Lazada Philippines

Buy 1 Take 1 Electric Fans With the price of one, you can have two Fukuda 16” Stand Fan. Yep, that’s shopping without having to line up at the counter, without having to go through traffic and without having the need to bear the sun outside. It is like shopping for quality products from your ever reliable shopping mall but from the comfort of your own home or room!

Lazada Philippines

Asus Zen 100050mAH Powerbank is now less than a thousand pesos worth or a little over Php500.00. A powerbank has become part of our daily essentials, especially if you want to be spared from worrying if you have enough battery for your phones/gadgets before you step out of the house. It is a bonus to find one that has enough power but can be as small as something you would fit in your pocket.

Lazada PhilippinesFour-person dome camping tent at 75% off Kids’ summer camp and even camping right outside your backyard or rooftop will no longer be a hassle. Can fit four adults in, it is surely a steal to be priced at Php500.55. So make the purchase online by adding the item to your cart, proceed to checkout and add your delivery details and then sit right back and wait for your items to be delivered.

Bizshoe flats/sandals are perfect for mommy wears above

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Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Tried Lazada Online Shopping : Moms Make Things Simple

rsz_1mbp_pinkChecked my email one random day and both delighted and surprised to see a complimentary voucher from Lazada. I have always been a fan of Lazada online shopping which used to be my go-to-find-a-quick-item tool for my previous Trainer slash Mommy life. So I went on to check out what I can find from Lazada Online Shopping. After oohing and aahing over the list of items on sale, finally found the perfect item to order, a kitchen addition – oven toaster.

Will most likely go online again to try ShoeBiz’s shoes collection perfect for my mommy errands.
Will most likely go online again to try ShoeBiz’s shoes collection perfect for my mommy errands.

So when the order confirmation page told me that I will most likely get the item 1 to 7 days after, my mind went on Philippine delivery timeframe default of expecting the item gets delivered close to the 7th quoted day. To my surprise again, two days after I clicked submit order, I have the item right at my doorstep. In a matter of two days, also appreciated Lazada for giving their customers a string of order status confirmation to get yourself updated wherever your parcel is at for a specific date and time.

Customers get an email as soon as Lazada warehouse starts working on your order. it quotes the delivery and item details. Very helpful for customers who need to keep track of ordered items.
Customers also get an order confirmation as soon as your ordered item leaves the warehouse and gets shipped. This also shows you an Order Tracking tool you can also access on the move with your mobile.
Customers will appreciate the email on approach they will receive on the same day it gets delivered. Since I ordered using Lazada’s complimentary vouchers, I did not need to pay extra other than the minimal delivery fee of P55.00

If you are like any other mommies I know, we need things fast and easy so we can devote more time to things that last. My order came earlier than I expected that I had enough time to plan what I want to use it for in time for my kids’ baon preparation. So kids and I went ahead with testing it with their favourite cheese sandwich (toasted cheese, butter, with a pinch of sugar sandwich). I will definitely go to Lazada again for my mom-needs.

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