Casa Verde : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkThe first thing that greets you when you land in Ayala, Cebu mall is its gigantic H&M hanger right in the middle of its central garden. Apparently, Cebu will see its first H&M shop, its first SM Seaside, and the grand sale at the newly opened Robinsons all on the same day. That’s good news for consumer Cebuanos, it will surely be traffic everywhere as people decide where to troop to with fam and friends.

20151125_140908But we weren’t in Cebu for shopping, but for work, both good reasons to visit Cebu. Since we only have technically two days and a half to stay in Cebu, we made sure we made all the best food stops while we were there. First stop, its famous homegrown restaurant Casa Verde. I’m not new to Casa Verde, have tried their huge steaks and ribs servings the last time I was in Cebu. For this visit, we tried Brian’s Ribs. Two huge ribs serving plated with rice and corn/carrots on the side. No wonder waiting line at Casa Verde can be too long on peak eating hours, despite the fact that there is The Suite Room on Ayala’s upper floor, a more posh sister restaurant of Casa Verde. Remembered a better version of Brian’s Ribs, though, from my last visit than what was served today, meat was harder to bite/slice than what I can remember.
20151125_14085820151125_135648You can either dine al fresco or dine in the comfort of airconditioning indoors. We opted for the fresh air outside and also tried their French fries and their chocolate milkshake. I definitely thought we ate something that would cost us more than a thousand bucks from Manila but it was just a little over than Php500.00 combined. Good value for money.

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Crisostomo : OpenRice.Com Review      


You may have probably already watched Heneral Luna, the movie. By the looks of my social media pages, all posting shoutouts with long-forgotten Pinoy words such as nakapagpapabagabag (it is even hard to spell!) or datapwat sapagkat. I have never heard kabigha-bighani since ages but now the Pinoy classic words are back. And so, no wonder, we just have to try Crisostomo today. To cap that final Heneral Luna moment, we looked for a perfect spot and started browsing through their menus.


What is interesting about this restaurant is the fact that all their dishes has a Pinoy flavour from its name down to its taste. And so we got started with Pilosopong Pinakbet. This pinakbet seemed to be topped with crispy-pata-like meat. The sauce of pinakbet also is thicker than your usual pinakbet. In fact, the sauce reminded me very much of our kare-kare.

20150926_121649Next up is Sinigang ni Kapitan, shrimp sigang served on top of a ceramic heater. Just be careful serving it to kids on the table as the heater comes complete with small flame right under it. Shrimp on it did not disappoint. It was big enough that each dish can very well serve four!

IMG_20150303_201739Familiar with Crispin and Basilio? Well ask for Crispin and Basilio and you will be served their tokwa’t baboy. It is known to be a Pinoy appetizer but my husband loves eating it with rice and now, my boys do the same.


IMG_20150926_165908With all of the Pinoy flavour, we just had to order and try their sweet treats. My son went for chocolate shake, originally wanted to try choco mani shake but he changed his mind and didn’t want to experiment and just opted with the classic chocolate cake. Lastly, I tried Olympia, their mangoes and cream pie with a generous heap of cubed ripe mangoes on top.

Will surely try Crisostomo, with or without the Heneral Luna movie experience.

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