Conti’s : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkPinoys are always big about the food served on the table. For one, we have one too many family traditions celebrated with food! It is your hamon and bibingka during Christmas, it is your festive fruits and keso de bola on media noche, it is your pansit or spaghetti on birthday meet-ups, or your brewed coffee and cake combo on afternoon visits from friends. And so at the workplace, it is also common for us to either eat at the pantry (which serves good food!) or step out at least once a week, to take time off the walls of your office, or to engage with happy-thoughts-conversations with your favorite people from work.


And so when we heard that Conti’s is now at Fairview Terraces, we didn’t waste the time to go in and sample what people are raving about. Of course, we have already tried their famous mango bravo cake countless times, it has become Pinoy’s favorite cake present or even favorite potluck dessert to bring.


Trust Pinoy restaurants to always have the classic carbonara on their menu. And trust me to always go for one. I will probably have to write a separate blog post about the countless carbonara’s I have tried from different restos. So how different is this? For one, it is served warm, it didn’t taste like it has been plated hours before you ordered them. That can’t happen with Conti’s as most of the tables have wait lists.


Pinoys end a good meal with dessert with an S! We tried two: Mango Cheesecake and the one we will never get tired of: Mango Bravo.


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