Joined Diksyonaryo Atbp Summer Reading Camp

My summer memory is full of pictures of street games, Barbie play dates and choir events. Looking back at my kids’ summer, it has been a mix of learning and fun activities that include last weekend’s Summer Reading Camp hosted by Diksyonaryo Atbp.


Kids surely did not notice the time ticking by as they hopped from their table back to the art station as they while away the time to decorate pencils for the less privileged kids via the Black Pencil Project. Kids were armed with pencils in all size and color, various paint and washi tapes to decorate pencils with. It was a joy to see kids go to dry up their work of arts knowing that the pencils they have created will go to those who cannot afford one.


It was also bringing back the passion to read with kids as they watched and interacted with storytellers on reading aloud sessions. Tents were also set up and countless books for kids to use are available as they forget about other park attractions and are encouraged to curl up and read.