Discovery Suites : OpenRice.Com Review


It was for an event that I had the chance to go and visit Discovery Suites. It was the ease of not having to make any reservations or not having to go and worry about whether or not we can find a free table to ourselves for a yummy and quite heavy afternoon snack. Since it is in the commercial area of Ortigas, it is accessible from all directions, whether you are coming from the north or southern part of the city. Now location is always a decision maker when choosing food options.




It was served from a buffet-like table and everyone was encouraged to just fill the plates whenever. The canapés from the food table are as delicious as it looked. The ornate glass where they sit is as inviting as it tasted. If you like the tanginess of pastries, you may want to go for their salted caramel cheesecake. Just make sure you go easy on the chocolate strip topping it, it may be too dark and sugary if you go at it with one bite.


What seemed like your usual penne with red sauce, it turned out, is their baked cream shrimp penne rigate. Not too many meat there but if you like classic-taste-pasta, this can be for you. Not too saucy as most Pinoys would have it, not too cheesy like your usual resto penne dishes.


As it is also a hotel, more than a restaurant, just be ready to pay premium as it is pricier than your regular restaurant options. See more food review at

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