Roel Rosal : Premium Pinoy Designer

rsz_1mbp_pinkAre you aware that what you wear brings a message to anyone who sees it? For some, what they wear is an expression of how they feel for the day, for some it is a display of their personal style, while there are also others who have their jobs or the roles they play dictate what to wear. As a working Pinay mom, I go for comfort and ease but without compromising my style. It is not surprising to be surrounded with designers who have become my friends or the other way around,  friends who have become distinguished designers. Case in point, Pinoy designer Roel Rosal. Roel Rosal is a product of Cagayan De Oro fashion industry and has been based in Manila since 2000. He has worked his way up with only confidence and sheer talent on hand. He worked up the ranks from being a fashion design contributor to setting up his own shop. Long before Fashion weeks and countless runway shows happening left and right, I have always been a fan of Roel Rosal’s creations. StyleBiblePh would never allot a page for him if the Philippine fashion scene does not agree with me.

Roel has always had an eye for anything creative. I remember spending time with him as he prepared for his first Mega Young designers’ Competition several y ears back (Mega Young Designers Competition is a Philippine fashion designers competition that has evolved into a reality tv show search for the next young fashion designer of the Philippines). You may see Roel’s creation now on major billboards and ads (both print and TV), but his penchant for everything creative and his excellence in delivering his planned details has never stopped capturing the hearts of the buyers and followers. Walk into his shop in Binondo, Manila and experience his full attention to clarity on his designs. He is a designer who learns and listens but is rightfully skilled to sketch and execute his designs in no time.

Mega Young Designers 2015 Collection Neoprene
Mega Young Designers 2015 Collection Neoprene

Roel may have moved on to other trends but my favourite will always be his 2009 Philippine Fashion Week Luxewear. Long before the other designers who followed suit with using pearls in their fabrics, Roel has creatively and uniquely used them for his designs. In fact, these were also the same dresses that were used and are still being used by celebrities and known personalities on countless ads on all media channels. Just imagine the time he spent on getting this idea on paper plus getting this idea on fabric.

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Luxewear Collection 2009 – Philippine pearls in fabric
Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Luxewear Collection 2009 – Philippine pearls in fabric

Roel is never shy to join fashion design competitions and never fail to deliver. This probably explains why most of the movers in the fashion industry would almost always have Roel Rosal on for their runway shows. He also displayed the Filipino bravado when he worked, for a time, overseas to share his design prowess and distinct taste for detail and retail creativity. It was both a training ground and at the same time, a fashion playground for Roel when he again did not disappoint editors and celebrities, even while he was away.  


Miss Universe 1st runner up Venus Raj wearing Roel Rosal spring dress
Miss Universe 1st runner up Venus Raj wearing Roel Rosal spring dress
KC Concepcion in Roel Rosal nude lace dress on Star Magic Magazine 2012
KC Concepcion in Roel Rosal nude lace dress on Star Magic Magazine 2012

Season after season, Philippine Fashion Week would have Roel Rosal on Couture shows. His collections have attracted a lot of raves and reviews that highlights his skills and talent while putting him alongside the best of the best in the Philippine fashion industry. Our friendship may have started while he was flourishing as a breakthrough designer back then but the laurels that he now has have never changed the way he appreciates friendships and his blessings around him.

Quoting him when asked what his designs are primarily about: “My clothes are usually basic shapes made with unusual detailing. The designs must always stand the test of time, look sophisticated, make the wearer feel classy and come off as expensive even when they are not.”

Roel Rosal on Business Mirror
Roel Rosal on Business Mirror
Bea Alonzo in Roel Rosal for Kashieca’s perfume campaign
Bea Alonzo in Roel Rosal for Kashieca’s perfume campaign

Business is not slowing down for this guy because his network is continually expanding with his reach and followers growing bigger each year. It is hard to keep up when he doesn’t fail to come up with fresh set of designs each time. No wonder both advertisers and clients would go to him as first stop for their retail needs.

His clothes are not for the faint-hearted. His collections are stories in itself, stories of Filipinas who are confident enough to wear their personalities out. Women who wear Roel Rosal creations are those who want to show what she has accomplished without pushing too hard or without forcing one’s style. It is so varied that there is enough to choose from for streetwear, evening wear and couture!

SM (Supermalls) ad campaign for Parisian shoes and bags
SM (Supermalls) ad campaign for Parisian shoes and bags

Some of his collections exude mystery, without showing too much skin but revealing a sense of who the wearer and designers are. His clothes also do not hit the mark of expressing the woman’s sensuality and passion for everything that defines her. He is inspired by the sound of the beach, natural gems around him, or icons such as Gloria Swanson.

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2008 themed Visions and Trends, nude dresses with drapings
Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2008 themed Visions and Trends, nude dresses with drapings

Roel Rosal is a Filipino artist to the bone who is not afraid to use materials that are distinct to the Philippines and has always been a strong advocate of what Filipino designers should be. It is hard to miss Roel Rosal on countless campaigns nowadays. Walk up to him and you will discover how he talks with ease that he is such a Promoter for his fellow Pinoy fashion designers. He is not the type who would endlessly talk about his collection but will never fail to recognize the great work of his Pinoy contemporaries.

Roel Rosal on one of his runway show’s curtain calls

The last time I went with him to Philippine Fashion week, I drooled with his creations walking on the runway like sweet treats for the kids. His luxewear collection is classic, timeless and unique, it can take you to your workplace event, an important family celebration or a glam night with friends.

Look no further for a display of authentic Pinoy fashion collections. Pinoy fashion design at its best is the story of Roel Rosal.


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Bridal Shower with Freeway and Ensembles Home-Service-Stylists

rsz_1mbp_pinkThis is no ordinary bridal shower. It is unique in every way, partnering with an emerging fashion concept of home-service styling and shopping, Stylist in Pocket with top Philippine brands Freeway, Ensemble and Solo, two stylists Blends and Tess helped me and the girls get styled appropriately for work and for everyday wear.

As soon as the racks of clothes arrived, the girls started trooping to the dresses and tops, and like how you would do it at shops, the girls checked out the dresses, coats, tops, maxi dresses and even belts off the racks. The shower coordinator decided to have the stylists as first activity for the night. Even before the girls finished off food on their dinner plates, some have already decided to check the clothes racks.





Then it was time to try on the dresses. The bride happily modelled the dresses for us and since this was technically her night, we all had utmost fun choosing which ones will look best on her. In less time, more of the girls chimed in to try and pose with the clothes.



Another highlight was listening to the stylists share fool-proof practical fashion tips to remember to ensure we keep ourselves relevantly styled for work or for everyday errands. Learned along with the girls on how to accurately wear jumpsuits, stripes, dresses with different cuts and different patterns. Also took home tips I can follow around choosing the perfect neckline, hem cut and even what can work for my body shape.

20151001_201805 20151001_201240I will definitely host one again, after all, things like these are best done with friendships and best done over meaningful celebrations.



Interested to try it or to host one for your family, friends or colleagues? Drop me an email at


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Style icons Jeannie Mai (left) and Sazzy Falak (right) on DIVA’s How Do I Look? Asia

How do I Look US is not something foreign to us, TV viewers. It is good news to finally see Asia’s How Do I Look piloting on 31st of August on DIVA, NBCUniversal International Networks’ leading entertainment channel for women in Asia.

The fashion-challenged victims include onesie-addict/ blogger Apple Allison of Sole Searching Soul (Philippines); indie rock guitarist Ariana (Malaysia); mismatch, mishap/ watercolor artist Choc (Taiwan); sales executive, and literally plain Jane (Philippines/Australia); overachieving, yet outdated, Lavinya (Malaysia); rebel teacher Lianni (Philippines); romantically-insecure Maisarah (Singapore); and the uninspiringly-dressed motivational speaker Yessinta (Indonesia).

HDILA Press_AppleAllison_Before

rsz_1mbp_pinkI am on the lookout for quick make over tips working moms like me can pick up. You see, I agree that style is something that you cannot get out of a shelf and the stylists on the show, like its US counterpart show, will highlight style tips that can work for Asian women.

How Do I Look? Asia is a testament to DIVAs position as the leading womens entertainment channel in Asia. We are confident that this ground-breaking local production, like its original franchise, will strongly resonate with our core female audiences across the region,” said Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, NBCUniversal International Networks. “Using the insights from various in-depth research initiatives on Asian women that NBCUniversal has conducted and developed over the recent years, How Do I Look? Asia features many of the elements that we found women loved: fabulous and fun makeovers, the hottest fashion trends tailored to Asian sensibilities, inspiring and heart-warming personal stories, and a positive underlying message that encourages every woman to be her best self.

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How Do I Look? Asia premieres on 31 August, Mondays at 8PM (SIN/MAL)