Need Christmas Sweets Options? Read Up.

rsz_1mbp_pinkChristmas is about celebrating the real reason for the season, it is taking the time to thank God for Jesus, the ultimate message of Christmas. Also, it is about celebrating family, friendships and building memories that last. But most moms make the easy mistake of spending all time worrying about the minute details of parties, instead of involving family with preparation for our Christmas celebrations. For this working mom, Christmas is made easier with sweets-on-the-go type of gifts. I remember preparing teachers’ gifts with kids, it was a simple bag of chocolate cupcakes but made special with handwritten cards from my kids.

Christmas cupcake

So to help moms-on-the-go like me to save time and quickly look at the best options for Christmas sweets to give away, I have listed below my best options : sweetest and yummiest treats that do not break the budget. Read on.

Mommy Chi’s Dreamcakes                                                                                         Mommy Chi is a stay-at-home mom who excels at baking right from her own kitchen. She has made quite a name for being the first stop for specialty fondant cakes. So whether it is a birthday, wedding, friends’ meet up or anything imaginable you are celebrating, you can go to Mommy Chi for options and she can help you plan it and bake them for you.

Hello Kitty themed cake
Superman cake
wedding cake – chocolate moist cake with ganache with available sizes Size 6×8 , 7x 3, 8×3 10×3 , 12×5
Barbie cake with cupcakes

Mindy’s Kitchen Story                                                                                      Mindy is a wife and works full-time in the industry of Training and Development. She finds time to express her creativity in the kitchen and in her baking creations. She is on never-ending project of 51st dates with husband discovering new food destinations. She packages her cookies and cupcakes in creative cups and boxes, it is ready to be given as gifts anytime.

Honey Lemon Cupcakes in lemon buttercream frosting with sugar sprinkles


Espresso cookies in dark chocolate


Soft and chewy dark chocolate cookies


Mommy Jane’s Go Sweets Mommy Jane is not new to the limelight kitchen, with her son sharing the limelight on the Philippines’ franchise of Junior Masterchef. But she herself excels at baking and creating sweets masterpieces. Whether it is Christmas or not, you can see her with clients left and right who never tire of sampling her sweet creations.

candy buffet
yema cake


Mimi’s Pastimallows Pastimallows are known to be available from the south, but no need to travel far to get the best-tasting pastimallows. Mimi has them fresh from her oven. She got her name from her cute and adorable granddaughter who instead of calling her lola, calls her Mimi. Baking masterpieces always made out of love.



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Meal Times Made Easy –


I know of a mom who would schedule paper plate meal times on select days each month. This takes out time she needs to spend on after-meals clean up and creates additional time for mommy-me-time. Another mom I know also schedule take-out nights, another one would regularly have eat-out-nights. If you are any of these moms, you have another type of eating adventure to schedule with your fambam. It is food delivery nights. So what would be perfect delivery meal times for mommies?


Videoke Nights with friends at the comfort of your home calls for food delivery. You can go home straight from work and not have to worry about having more time to prepare for food. All you have to do is go online at Food Panda and choose to have your fave food delivered from Indonyaki or from Il Padrino Coffee.


Instant Meryenda – no one needs to fret anymore for quick meet-ups. So if you have just gotten back from completing your weekend morning errands, no need to rush back to cook because you can order food from Lia’s Cakes in Seasons  anytime.


Celebrations at home – whether you have prepped for food and you find yourself with not enough food or want to stay away from more time stressing in the kitchen rather than celebrating with family or friends, opt to have food delivered either from Pepper Lunch or from Papa Johns’s Pizza.


Nothing to serve on game nights? Pair the games with Tapa King with as low as Php10.00 delivery fee. Now you do not have to worry if hubby’s friends show up late for a game of Stacko.


Playdate with kids. Get all the kids running and jumping all afternoon without having to worry about what to serve. Get food options from the Old Spaghetti house or from Caramia.

You will never be limited from hosting visitors again, with food options anytime, food delivery in minutes is always just one click away.

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