Terraz : OpenRice.Com Food Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkTerraz is becoming a sweet spot for our team at work, that it has saved us twice after a full day at work, by giving us the comfort of enjoyable food. It is convenient that it is actually on the same building where I work towards the end of week. Among the things that I like about Terraz, as well, is that it never gets into uncomfortable crowded resto that we can always find the best table where we can talk away everything funny about our work days.

So the other day, after completing back to back conference calls and performance review meets, stretching up until almost end of day, we promised to have a sumptuous and yummy lunch. I tried Florentine Beef Lasagna and I was not disappointed. I was quite surprised about the big serving, I knew I just had to share this one, except the bacon on top, of course, which was among the first ones I gobbled up.

florentinestylebeeflasagnaThe first time I visited Terraz several days prior to my lasagna experience, we just had to try all the cakes we can order. It was definitely a cheat day, as we hopped from tasting jackfruit sansrival, frozen brazo de Mercedes, Impossible Cake and three other cakes (the names escape me as I write).

terraz2I will definitely go back to taste more and have more of the quiet space we have always loved about Terraz. Going on my next blogging project: enjoy marriage, family, kids, relationships, friendships, work over food! Will be writing more food reviews I can get my hands on from the resto list from Openrice.com.

frozen brazo de mercedes