Donate-A-Diaper Drive Project

rsz_1mbp_pinkChristmas is always about giving and sharing the same love and blessings we have received. I know that you are all on the lookout to spot an opportunity to help. What better way to share your blessings than taking part of changing a newborn’s life?
Donate-a-Diaper Drive 2015 is a collaborative project of 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015 and Rookie Mommy PH‘s First Time Moms PH Facebook Community and Shop at Oonaghs.
You can donate a pack of newborn – small diapers or you can also donate money and we will be the one to buy the diapers on your behalf. Donate-a-Diaper Drive will run until January 15, 2016. Recipients of the diapers will be the babies who are in NICU at Philippine General Hospital.
If you’re interested to donate, you can email us at or you can also send us a private message on Facebook.


Joined Banahaw Elementary School Outreach

rsz_1mbp_pinkRemember when I wrote about yearly Christmas tradition that includes a visit to an elementary school for a Christmas gift-giving day? Banahaw Elementary School is a public school that has students in grades first through sixth in Norzagaray, Bulacan of Central Luzon (Region III). The school has 5 instructional rooms and 1 non-instructional rooms. Sadfully, none of the rooms has a dependable supply of electricity. With 138 students last year, class size is around 28 students. Lorie Floresca is principal of the school.

And so we joined a group of friends from church, Victory Nova, to bring the blessing of prayer and encouragement to students, teachers and their families.

As soon as the day started, kids lined up too excited to receive and SHARE. It was so overwhelming to observe kids rush to their moms, brothers, sisters to share what they have received on hand. There were countless people who willingly joined in and be part of this yearly outreach. Please know that your gift will go a long way to the hearts of the kids and their families who believe God for a better future.

Among the highlights included a puppet and kids’ show performed by excellent puppeteer Sam Fuentes. It was a joy to see smiles on kids’ and parents’ faces despite their difficulties in life. It was also heartwarming to see them celebrate Jesus’ birthday party as we all get reminded what Christmas should be about.


Telstra in the Philippines. The Real Deal.

rsz_1mbp_pinkChanced upon an FB page named Telstra Philippines and being a Telstra employee, this post definitely confirms that Telstra Philippines FB page is a scam and a fraudulent page (ridiculously offering free pre-paid kits). Be warned and think before you click. Telstra is an Australian Telco which partnered with three biggest BPOs here in the Philippines for offshore support needs. Thanking God for allowing me to be a Telstra hire and supporting contact centers on a daily basis. Working day-shift allows employees to work normal hours and strike a balance with family, hobbies, friendships, blogging and more! Other than this, I am happy for being a part of a socially-responsible company. It did not only offer job opportunities for the Philippines but it also provides support and assistance to the communities around them. And so, Telstra Foundation Philippines with the strong leadership of Teleperformance held Telstra Foundation Brigada Eskwela at Maligaya High School, right beside Ayala Fairview Terraces Teleperformance site. This public high school has a 3000 strong student population and as soon as I met my partner for the day, senior student Margarita, I know I will come out of this outreach activity encouraged more than I did to them.





Most of the students come from families within or below poverty threshold and mostly come from a family of 6. It sounded like a simple activity for the day, to paint chairs and cover books but imagine the amount of chairs and books that will support all 3000 students day on day. It was encouraging to be welcomed by their student leader onset of the day and the rest of the interactions with the students tugged at everyone’s heart. In between painting the chairs, most meaningful for me was getting to know my partner student and finding ways to support her in any way. I am not new to the Maligaya community as our spiritual family, Victory Novaliches has always been covering Maligaya community through prayers and previous outreaches (gift giving, medical missions and community-based Victory groups). To see this school flourishing and growing as more and more people help them with their needs is surely an encouraging sight to see.





It is our prayer that there will be more and more groups who will continue to support and empower Maligaya kids to share the vision and the responsibility of excellence and success.

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