Visited Styles Studio Salon – Night Out with Friends

rsz_1mbp_pinkAfter spending the weekend under the sun (in Baler), time to show my hair some love with Style Studio Salon’s hair color treatment. I know I have recently written about coloring my own hair and guess what? Style Studio Salon in Quezon City gave me and two of my other friends the privilege to try their premium services. So off we went right after our Friday workday and got ourselves ready for the treat.


So I personally went for the hair color opting for a mix of light brown and brown, one to cover my gray hair and two to give my hair that extra sheen. My two other friends went with Brazilian Blowout and with hair cut. It pays to get connected with Styles Studio Salon online, to get notified with their discounts and promos. Just recently, Brazilian Blowout hair treatment was up for a 50% discount! I do not wonder why the place was a regular spot for the customers who visited with us.

Our day of pampering did not stop with our hairs because we also got to try premium nail services with their manicure and pedicure. They used nothing less but Cuccio nail polish. You will never run out of color options just by looking at their nail polish bar. I went for my usual red and my friends went with dark brown and nude for theirs.

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And because the salon is situated right in the middle of Banawe, Quezon City, it is accessible from wherever you may need to come from.  We opted to visit after work hours and we were not disappointed. The stylist and the staff were courteous enough and would even agree to extend salon hours, if necessary, to finish your treatment. We even had food delivered for dinner over treatments!

20150918_220142Towards the end of the visit, we are all smiles for a long list of reasons. Happy about the way our hair looks. Our nails do not have a way of saying what amount of work they got into for the day. We went home bringing not just the treatments from Styles Studio, but we went home with a night well spent with friends.

Styles Studio Salon is at Antonia Mansion #690 Banawe St. Quezon City, open daily from 10am to 10pm.

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