Can’t Find a Cab? Holiday Non Stop Bus Service along Edsa


rsz_1mbp_pinkNo cabs or taxis in sight? Stuck without transport after doing your shopping? Seeing EDSA congested than ever you want to leave your cars at home? Want to have reprieve from Grab and Uber expenses while in the metro? Good news from the government as it continues to implement a Holiday non-stop bus service which started December 5 up to January 6 to encourage private car owners to leave their vehicles at home in an effort to decongest Edsa during the Yuletide Season, a ranking official announced.

During a press briefing at the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) office in Makati City, Cabinet Secretary and traffic czar Jose Rene Almendras said the express bus scheme is one of the medium-term solutions to improve traffic on Edsa especially with the Holiday rush.

Almendras said the scheme is a “way of increasing efficiency of the use of the streets.” He reiterated that with the 120,000 new private vehicles in Metro Manila this year, it would be necessary to improve the travel time of commuters.

See MMDA announcement slides below. Details lifted from official MMDA page






Do More with Less – Christmas 2015


rsz_1mbp_pinkCan one really do more with less? Time and again, you have all read about how this working mom is always on the lookout for building things that last for our family. Of course I have clued you in on our 2015 breakthroughs that do not need to break the bank. I have always emphasized that our greatest blessings are always the ones that need not be expensive.

Do more with less – Jesus is the Reason for the Season

It is so easy to stray away from the real reason for Christmas, it can sway you to commercialism overload and with most of the bonuses getting released in December, most people spend too much time planning for what to buy rather than planning for what to celebrate. Having kids calibrates me to check on everything we are doing for December, does it point us to a family value we have all agreed to have on our Christmas calendar or is it just another party to throw/host or a shopping spree to complete? Among our Christmas traditions this year included Banahaw Elementary Outreach, creating our own Christmas ornaments, Jesus birthday party with advent-related activities that my kids joined with their friends.

20151220_112156breakthrough2banahaw4christmas calendar1IMG_20150926_165425IMG_20150926_165220

Do More with Less – Give Personalized Gifts

With sales/bazaars/tiangges on almost every corner, sometimes we end up giving thoughtless gifts. Find time to involve your entire family in gift-giving and wrapping. For this year, we used our Christmas family picture as gift tags. You may also opt to go for simple wrappers like what we did with Manila paper, made special with yarn and our family picture.

Do More with Less – Host Purposeful Celebrations

We do not usually throw big parties as a family and so when we host a celebration, expect to see touches of love that speaks to everyone we know in a personal way. Christmas Breakfast with fellow couples from our spiritual family was made more meaningful with sharing encouragement from around the table, over food! Christmas dinner with all of our wedding inaanaks was also made special as each couple highlighted their marriage/life verse on our Bible at home. And of course, we will never forget our Sofia’s birthday celebration involving our friends and family to prepare and celebrate with us. The goal is to drive what needs to be celebrated at each time.

Even the Christmas tree and decorations do not need to break the bank. For this year, we used Christmas message cards we have received and repurposed them as colorful tree ornaments. This way we get to save the personalized messages we received while keeping them in time for next year’s tree. Also, don’t feel the need to decorate too much. Having four kids at home, it helps to just choose a spot or a nook to decorate, rather than to cram the house with too many Christmas decors.

However you want to celebrate, it is our prayer that your Christmas be filled with lasting memories that you can build with your family. Merry Christmas!


This blog post is in support of the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.

Mommy Tipid Tips for Ber Months

rsz_1mbp_pinkMy husband recently attended Chinkee Tan’s financial seminar and he came home bringing a Do-it-Yourself Moneykit. It comes complete with Chinkee Tan’s book Till Debt Do Us Part and everything we need to get ourselves started in managing our finances. It got me thinking to list down practical things we have been following to avoid making unnecessary expenses when we can. Please note that whether you are married or single, you need to have your financial goal in mind and it becomes easy to know which ones you should not be spending on and it makes it easy to say ‘no’ to what I call ‘surprise or unnecessary expenses’. Keep in mind that a fool-proof money plan is not exclusive to those who have money crisis. All of us, in whatever money status we are in, can benefit from having wisdom in managing finances.


  1. Make use of your rewards and perks card

More than having these cards, be on top of what is being offered to cardholders. Most are so fast about signing up but not diligent enough about what to use these rewards and perks cards for. Most of the other perks card holder for a pizza restaurant do not know that they can actually get a second pizza free on offered dates, or that a rewards card from a leading department store will give you seasonal discounts like the one I got from International Women’s day (yep, the marketing arm of companies are getting creative about these and you can get perks and discounts even on an ordinary calendar day).


  1. I never do Groceries while Hungry

This, I know, that if I end up doing grocery while hungry, I almost always end up getting more food items than I need, end up rushing up to finish and not having enough time to compare prizes or worst, pick up items I do not usually get or have quantity that is more than I need from a regular grocery day. Of course, if you shop with kids, this is a no-brainer. My kids also tend to get too many food items from the shelves when I take them to join me at the grocery hungry. Oh, by the way, having a grocery plan if you do not want to bring a list, works wonders. I know what I will pick up even before I go close to the shelves. So please help ensure you do your item comparison before you get to the grocery. Develop a conscientious consumer mindset and do your research before you head to the stores.

  1. Dilute your dishwashing liquid

This explains why it is still cheaper if you buy a mid-priced dishwashing liquid. Because these are the only ones you can dilute your water while getting the same result you want from your dishwashing. Also, buy a container once and then do a refill, moving forward. If you haven’t got a basin while you do the dishes yet, start having one and you shave off water expenses.

  1. Do your own hair color, or train how to do it

Having a need to cover my gray hair almost every month (yep, that’s my silvery gray hair if I fail to color it), I have learned overtime to get an over-the-counter hair color and apply it at home. I started with asking someone to help me do it then I have eventually learned how to do it, myself. It saves me at least a thousand pesos monthly plus saves me time to queue at the salon. Except for the occasional hair product or hair treatment reviews I need to do as a blogger, I always opt to color my own hair, when I can.


  1. Bundle cable and internet plans

We used to have a little over a thousand worth of homephone plan but realized that we can have most savings if we go for mobile plans (enough for everyone in the house) and signed up instead for a bundled cable and internet plans for half the prize of the homephone plan!

It is critical to raise relevant questions and exercise your consumer rights at all times. Opportunities to earn and save are everywhere, we just have to be diligent and wise enough to know. I know of the best mommies who sew their own dresses, create their own gardens, and even paint their own rooms. Make each a fun adventure with your family or with your kids and you get additional bonus of creating memories out of money-saving techniques.

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