My Belkin Wishlist


Have you ever imagined your mommy-life without your usual mommy-wonder-tools? I remember listing my fool-proof tipid tips for the ‘ber’ months using items/resources that are around us. There are just so many things that I regard as life hacks  and I have decided to list all of them that (I definitely think) will make my mommy-life easier. Feel free to share with me one thing you cannot do without as you play your role at home, at work or even in school!


Bringing my work laptop to the office can be bone-breaking without the right bag. I find myself bringing a big bag for the laptop and other work gadgets plus a small bag to keep my personal stuff. Imagine if I have Belkin New Slim 15.6” Red Backpack, with its padded and adjustable straps, I can go to site assignments with a breeze while carrying this bag on relaxed dress-down days. It also has compartments that can fit the other wires and stuff I have to bring daily. This was how a couple of my chargers stopped working. With all of the wires meshed with each other in my big bag, it is a matter of time before I realize that I need to have a new charger to use.


Speaking of chargers, you will appreciate Belkin’s Dual Swivel charger, you can use it to charge two devices at the same time. So now we won’t have to take turns with our charger at home. The best news is the fact that this charger works and compatible with any Apple device.


Another house tool we always take for granted are the power surge protectors which most Pinoys would call power extensions. Belkin’s 4-socket surge protectors can give you additional sockets you can use, what with all the Christmas lights and lamps you will need to set up this December, this comes handy.


Headsets I use when I need to get on an audio material at my own time. These are on times when I can just sit and listen to podcasts, songs and even Youtube mommy-friendly movies. This can work best with Belkin’s Pure headphones. It even comes with a bonus, built in microphone and multi-function remote. Mobile audio video content experience can be better with this one.


Our family is never big on gadgets. Most of the gadgets we now have were all gifts or hand-me-downs from angels around us. We certainly believe in investing on not-so-expensive but quality items you frequently use and part of it is making sure you keep items in tip-top shape. Frugal mommies like me will agree with Belkin’s Anti-Smudge Screen Protector for iPad Mini, this resists fingertips, especially true if you use your tab for recipes in the kitchen or for kids’ smudgy fingers when they are on educational digital games.


This completes my Christmas life hacks wishlist. So, what is on your list?

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Terraz : OpenRice.Com Food Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkTerraz is becoming a sweet spot for our team at work, that it has saved us twice after a full day at work, by giving us the comfort of enjoyable food. It is convenient that it is actually on the same building where I work towards the end of week. Among the things that I like about Terraz, as well, is that it never gets into uncomfortable crowded resto that we can always find the best table where we can talk away everything funny about our work days.

So the other day, after completing back to back conference calls and performance review meets, stretching up until almost end of day, we promised to have a sumptuous and yummy lunch. I tried Florentine Beef Lasagna and I was not disappointed. I was quite surprised about the big serving, I knew I just had to share this one, except the bacon on top, of course, which was among the first ones I gobbled up.

florentinestylebeeflasagnaThe first time I visited Terraz several days prior to my lasagna experience, we just had to try all the cakes we can order. It was definitely a cheat day, as we hopped from tasting jackfruit sansrival, frozen brazo de Mercedes, Impossible Cake and three other cakes (the names escape me as I write).

terraz2I will definitely go back to taste more and have more of the quiet space we have always loved about Terraz. Going on my next blogging project: enjoy marriage, family, kids, relationships, friendships, work over food! Will be writing more food reviews I can get my hands on from the resto list from

frozen brazo de mercedes