My Belkin Wishlist


Have you ever imagined your mommy-life without your usual mommy-wonder-tools? I remember listing my fool-proof tipid tips for the ‘ber’ months using items/resources that are around us. There are just so many things that I regard as life hacks  and I have decided to list all of them that (I definitely think) will make my mommy-life easier. Feel free to share with me one thing you cannot do without as you play your role at home, at work or even in school!


Bringing my work laptop to the office can be bone-breaking without the right bag. I find myself bringing a big bag for the laptop and other work gadgets plus a small bag to keep my personal stuff. Imagine if I have Belkin New Slim 15.6” Red Backpack, with its padded and adjustable straps, I can go to site assignments with a breeze while carrying this bag on relaxed dress-down days. It also has compartments that can fit the other wires and stuff I have to bring daily. This was how a couple of my chargers stopped working. With all of the wires meshed with each other in my big bag, it is a matter of time before I realize that I need to have a new charger to use.


Speaking of chargers, you will appreciate Belkin’s Dual Swivel charger, you can use it to charge two devices at the same time. So now we won’t have to take turns with our charger at home. The best news is the fact that this charger works and compatible with any Apple device.


Another house tool we always take for granted are the power surge protectors which most Pinoys would call power extensions. Belkin’s 4-socket surge protectors can give you additional sockets you can use, what with all the Christmas lights and lamps you will need to set up this December, this comes handy.


Headsets I use when I need to get on an audio material at my own time. These are on times when I can just sit and listen to podcasts, songs and even Youtube mommy-friendly movies. This can work best with Belkin’s Pure headphones. It even comes with a bonus, built in microphone and multi-function remote. Mobile audio video content experience can be better with this one.


Our family is never big on gadgets. Most of the gadgets we now have were all gifts or hand-me-downs from angels around us. We certainly believe in investing on not-so-expensive but quality items you frequently use and part of it is making sure you keep items in tip-top shape. Frugal mommies like me will agree with Belkin’s Anti-Smudge Screen Protector for iPad Mini, this resists fingertips, especially true if you use your tab for recipes in the kitchen or for kids’ smudgy fingers when they are on educational digital games.


This completes my Christmas life hacks wishlist. So, what is on your list?

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Joined Best Food Forward – Rockwell Weekend


Nuffnangers spent a leisurely afternoon over food, food and food. Not new to the food fair scene but this one is quite different. Best Food Forward 2015 is bigger and better than previous years. It ran for two days (Saturday and Sunday) at the Rockwell Tent and my friends and I trooped to Rockwell Tent to sample and have our fill. Browse through this blog post in pictures.

If you are big on dips and salad dressings, Whisk is for you. Personally tried their strawberry flavored dip with their cracker bits and I actually liked it. Best Food Forward, i think, offered more than 5 dip and salad dressing options.
Whisk bestseller is their spinach and artichoke dips. Best kept cold and refrigerated before you used it as dip or before using it as salad dressing.
Chizu is not your usual cheese cupcakes around, these have been baked in brick fire charcoal oven. Just from sampling it, you taste the fresh bread and you know that it is free from your usual cheesecake preservatives.
If you have always liked your Mediterranean dose of food delight, this hummus is for you. Sample it all you like. Despite so many people milling around their booth, didn’t get disappointed when I sampled it.
Tried their small serving of Crunchy Belly the moment we stepped in. However, we were wise enough not to stay too long. May be too delicious you can lose track of how much pork you have already eaten.
So after doing all the walking and completing the rounds in Rockwell Tent, stepped out of the tent and found the perfect meal for lunch. TT served us fresh from the grill pork served with tomatoes, salted egg, atchara. One may also opt to spray vinegar to your food before you have your fill.
Making your sausage picks? Sevilla and Sons takes care of small batch sausages made from the finest pork. It was quite dizzying to sample too many pork options around the tent. It didn’t help that it sat right next to Seacharon and just a stone’s throw away from crispy pata kiosk.
world class crack pie The Red Hot Oven was also at the food fair. Theirs will definitely give the other Metro bakers a run for their money.


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Property24 – My Top Five Dream Home Picks

rsz_1mbp_pinkTurning almost forty, conversations turn to retirement plans, savings for kids, and listing down bucketlist of things you want to do before you go and live in your second nesting house (a house without kids).  So being a Nuffnanger myself, I looked up property listings online, got my hands into opening my Bible (build up my faith, while I do) and got into prayerfully browsing through pages and pages of online property listings. Got my pick, answering the question,

“What are my top 5 Property24 Best Homes for Family?”

Dream Home#5


4 Bedroom House and Lot in Samaka Village 

A unique garden courtyard between the living and dining area is among the quick wins for this property. I am sure I will be spending leisure time pouring over my favourite books with this house and what better way to do it than by doing it right in the comfort of food and family. There is also this roomy, multi-function family area, you can design it according to family activities you enjoy. Make it a craft room, or a music room, or even a TV room. There is also a generous pantry storage from this house. You will never have to do too many trips to the grocery if you opt to go with this house.

Dream Home#4

treesSMDC Trees Residences 

If you see yourself in urban living, this can be the best pick for would-be-home-owners. It is surrounded with a retail environment, being surrounded with malls and commercial establishments from all around. It gives me pictures of cosmopolitan lifestyle right in the middle of a family hub. Metro living has not lost its charm, this is balanced off with pocket gardens, swimming pool and health facilities that offer you a balanced city and family environment.

Dream Home#3

erod2 Bedroom Resort Type Condo

If you are thinking of downsizing but wants to still have ample size, this is the listing for you. The Amaryllis is a one-tower, resort-inspired development along E. Rodriguez Avenue in New Manila. Schools are also right in every corner around it, so you will never get tired pouring over night classes you can join while you worry about how much time you got on your hands. Of course, the sky park or the roof deck that offers unparalleled skyline views is the clincher, here, plus it has the biggest unit cuts in any condo from the area.

Dream Home#2

bigger6 Bedroom Apartment 

In contrast, if you want to go bigger and accommodate more visitors during your retirement years, go for this 6 Bedroom apartment and you will never go wrong. Just looking at the sheer size of the garden, encourages you to make a football field out of it. With six rooms, there will surely be space for everyone. Dreaming of creating a space to get creative, or a garden workshop room or a sewing room? Go to this listing and check out the house, yourself.

Dream Home#1

2br2 Bedroom Resort from Zinnia Towers 

Right in the hustle and bustle of North Edsa. I can truly spend forever in this part of EDSA (no pun intended) but who can say no to a jogging / biking path? You can train for a marathon all you want minus the pollution and less the hassle of having to jog through a red light. Koi ponds abound and grill pits are strategically placed so you can have your planned picnic and barbecue parties anytime.

I recommend you check out the listings at your own time and feel free to create your own dream homes list. is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

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