Show Grace, Spark Hope, and Share Love


rsz_1mbp_pinkInspiration is everywhere: it’s in the words of your favorite writer, the upcoming Yuletide season, and the smiles on your loved ones’ faces. You just need to open your eyes and breathe it all in; that’s the secret to happiness.


Tupperware Brands has captured the scent of happiness and inspiration just for you! Now you and your loved ones can experience living every minute with grace, hope, and love.


Each Inspiration Angel Decanter Gift Set includes a bottle of Grace, Hope, and Love. The floral fruity scent of Grace evokes elegance, refinement, and confidence. Grace allows ladies to unleash their inner beauty.


With just one dab of Hope, you can conjure an outward expression of joy! Instill good cheers with this fruity floral fragrance that will get you through even the darkest of times.


Last but not least is Love, which will inspire you to be strong and brave. This sweet powdery smell captures the excitement that comes with love, passion, warmth, care, and desire. With Love, everything is possible!


‘Tis the season to inspire! Tupperware Brands’ Inspiration Angel Decanter Set is a great gift for you and the lovely ladies in your life!  Show Grace, spark Hope, and share Love as the countdown to Christmas continues. Each handy decanter is packed with an unforgettable fragrance that will keep ladies smelling as sweet as angels from day to night.







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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Your Way to Your Celebrations

rsz_1mbp_pinkAmong my biggest blessings are friendships and relationships. It is such joy to be part of milestones, family successes and answered prayers. Sharing with you pictures from our celebrations, more than the DIY ideas and fun in creation, we thank God for what we made them for. DIY meet-ups are best organized with friendships. As early as planning and creating phase, you already build memories and stories that you will get to keep even after your planned events.

Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.”

Pre-Wedding Lunch


There is nothing like being greeted with fun colors and homey-feel-ambience. Pom-pom balls automatically add smiles to anyone’s party. Whatever size or color, you can decide to put them on tables, corners, hang them from lights, or even use them as instant bouquet!



Doilies out of paper make great table centrepieces. We just strewn upside down cupcake liners (aligned with the motif), add in sweets/candies and use wooden utensils with ribbons to complete ours. As options, you can also make use of colourful tin cans/pails and put in the utensils, or dress up the utensils with washi tape.


Ready-made initials made of wood are off the racks and you can dress it up on the gift table anytime. Feel free to add other trinkets such as picture frames out of paper shaped into shirts, we made use of them as guests’ notes, clipped them with miniature clothespin for the bride-to-be to keep after the event.


December Birthday and Jesus Party

A kiddie party does not have to be so expensive for moms, after all, you want planning to be as enjoyable to your kids as it was to you, and you also do not want to spend all the time stressing about preparation when you should be focusing on making it count as positively memorable for your kids.








Did this a couple of years ago. The theme was “sweet party”, but those who came also thought it was candy-themed, or ice-cream-themed. For food options, we just opted to add Minnie Mouse sweets on a stick as cake toppers. Adding them to a cupcake tiered-stand, trays of assorted sweets/candies, and wineglasses filled with Nips, marshmallow and wafer sticks.



No activities in mind yet? Do the Pinoy trademark pabitin. While waiting for the all the kids to get to the party, we handed coloring and drawing materials for the kids to use, they also played the ‘walang-kamatayang-newspaper-dance-game’, may be too old for the adults but was a big hit with the kids. Also played and encouraged the kids to sing to Gizmo’s Salvation Song from Superbook. It was a program by kids and for kids, from the opening prayer down to time-to-say-goodbye.

Pool Party

Put water and children together and you will never run out of fun and laughter all around. We helped put up a candy-bar (created in friendship and love, wink wink) for a friend’s daughter’s party. It was a welcome table with her full-catered party. Kids kept visiting the candy buffet for cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes, and lollies.




The giveaways did not also have to break the bank, can be as simple as kiddie bracelets (bestseller that day!) and loot bags out of pails full of foodies and mini-toys. Need to dress up wooden letters? Add them to torches and balloons on the grassy floor. Just make sure that the torches are not lit when you do. Place it right infront of a lawn spotlight and you have your instant lawn photo ops background.


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