Do More with Less – Christmas 2015


rsz_1mbp_pinkCan one really do more with less? Time and again, you have all read about how this working mom is always on the lookout for building things that last for our family. Of course I have clued you in on our 2015 breakthroughs that do not need to break the bank. I have always emphasized that our greatest blessings are always the ones that need not be expensive.

Do more with less – Jesus is the Reason for the Season

It is so easy to stray away from the real reason for Christmas, it can sway you to commercialism overload and with most of the bonuses getting released in December, most people spend too much time planning for what to buy rather than planning for what to celebrate. Having kids calibrates me to check on everything we are doing for December, does it point us to a family value we have all agreed to have on our Christmas calendar or is it just another party to throw/host or a shopping spree to complete? Among our Christmas traditions this year included Banahaw Elementary Outreach, creating our own Christmas ornaments, Jesus birthday party with advent-related activities that my kids joined with their friends.

20151220_112156breakthrough2banahaw4christmas calendar1IMG_20150926_165425IMG_20150926_165220

Do More with Less – Give Personalized Gifts

With sales/bazaars/tiangges on almost every corner, sometimes we end up giving thoughtless gifts. Find time to involve your entire family in gift-giving and wrapping. For this year, we used our Christmas family picture as gift tags. You may also opt to go for simple wrappers like what we did with Manila paper, made special with yarn and our family picture.

Do More with Less – Host Purposeful Celebrations

We do not usually throw big parties as a family and so when we host a celebration, expect to see touches of love that speaks to everyone we know in a personal way. Christmas Breakfast with fellow couples from our spiritual family was made more meaningful with sharing encouragement from around the table, over food! Christmas dinner with all of our wedding inaanaks was also made special as each couple highlighted their marriage/life verse on our Bible at home. And of course, we will never forget our Sofia’s birthday celebration involving our friends and family to prepare and celebrate with us. The goal is to drive what needs to be celebrated at each time.

Even the Christmas tree and decorations do not need to break the bank. For this year, we used Christmas message cards we have received and repurposed them as colorful tree ornaments. This way we get to save the personalized messages we received while keeping them in time for next year’s tree. Also, don’t feel the need to decorate too much. Having four kids at home, it helps to just choose a spot or a nook to decorate, rather than to cram the house with too many Christmas decors.

However you want to celebrate, it is our prayer that your Christmas be filled with lasting memories that you can build with your family. Merry Christmas!


This blog post is in support of the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.

Show Grace, Spark Hope, and Share Love


rsz_1mbp_pinkInspiration is everywhere: it’s in the words of your favorite writer, the upcoming Yuletide season, and the smiles on your loved ones’ faces. You just need to open your eyes and breathe it all in; that’s the secret to happiness.


Tupperware Brands has captured the scent of happiness and inspiration just for you! Now you and your loved ones can experience living every minute with grace, hope, and love.


Each Inspiration Angel Decanter Gift Set includes a bottle of Grace, Hope, and Love. The floral fruity scent of Grace evokes elegance, refinement, and confidence. Grace allows ladies to unleash their inner beauty.


With just one dab of Hope, you can conjure an outward expression of joy! Instill good cheers with this fruity floral fragrance that will get you through even the darkest of times.


Last but not least is Love, which will inspire you to be strong and brave. This sweet powdery smell captures the excitement that comes with love, passion, warmth, care, and desire. With Love, everything is possible!


‘Tis the season to inspire! Tupperware Brands’ Inspiration Angel Decanter Set is a great gift for you and the lovely ladies in your life!  Show Grace, spark Hope, and share Love as the countdown to Christmas continues. Each handy decanter is packed with an unforgettable fragrance that will keep ladies smelling as sweet as angels from day to night.







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Excited to Watch Disney on Ice 2015 : Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome

rsz_1mbp_pinkI have written in the past about our family Christmas traditions and by now you would have known that we do yearly family activities that include watching Disney on Ice Christmas with the kids and their cousins. Pretty soon, it is going to be Christmas season, and we are all excited to continue to build lasting memories as we all anticipate the return of an all time Filipino favorite – the annual staging of Disney On Ice at the Big Dome.



There is much to look forward to in this year’s show. Aside from world-class skaters who make up its talented ensemble, this year’s Disney On Ice will be extra special because with Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival featuring Disney’s Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time Frozen, along with three Disney royal adventures! Last year, the Big Dome was filled with small kids’ voices as they watch Disney characters on ice while singing along with all familiar Disney music from Cinderella, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and of course, their top favorite Tangled!

2015 DOI flyer 9x6in

It has also been a joy to sit with kids and engage with them while watching, highlighting the values one can get from Disney movies. Just like any other animated movies (including non-animated kids’ movies), this working mom believes and puts a premium on having the right conversations right after each movie experience. This allows me to drive and emphasize the valuable parts of the movie while having an opportunity to correct wrong behaviours observed on movies. It was a joy to encourage my daughter, Sofia to be as exuberant, joyful and optimistic like Cinderella on her saddest day. It was also an encouragement to see Princess Tiana who believed she can be the best she can be by achieving her dreams of owning her own restaurant. It was a display of faith and a display of excellent labor, values that we want our kids to take home.

2015 DOI flyer 9x6in

“This year’s Disney On Ice is truly magical with Disney properties that are packed with heart and personality. We have princesses that are exuberant and strong-willed, but we’ve also expanded the roles of spirited supporting characters, so that they’re more prominent in the show,” says Producer Nicole Feld.

D33_Minnie soloMy kids got more excited to know that for the first time on ice, they will see their favorite Disney stars Anna and Elsa, together with hilarious snowman Olaf, rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven in a magical winter adventure. My kids learned the importance of family with the tear-jerking scenes from “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” We all know that the true and unconditional love that saved Anna came from Elsa and not from Hans. And of course, who could have missed Olaf dreaming of enjoying summer? Just like Olaf, my kids can continue to believe God for bigger things and dream big, as big as impossible Olaf in summer!

D33_20120907_25934-EditAudiences will also enjoy comical segments with captivating stories of princesses Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle in a new twist of fairytale fun featuring Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Beauty and the Beast.

“By pulling together moments from classic Disney stories to the newest feature film sensation Frozen and combining them with elements of comedy and music, we developed a truly unique way to re-tell each fairytale,” says Producer Juliette Feld.

D33_20120907_01542-EditExcited to see the dazzling costume designs, spectacular set elements, and jaw-dropping stunts are also what make this year’s show even more exhilarating. Previous shows were a big hit with my kids with a singing Sebastian, Wendy and Peter Pan flying, and the countless Tangled floating lanterns! It gave me chills to hear all the kids singing “I see the Light” when the lanterns came out.

In Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest,” the theatrical elements of the glitzy napkins and silverware costumes will astound audiences. “The costumes are designed to emphasize the overwhelming amount of table décor that appears in the movie. The napkins unfold to increase their size and the forks tower over the heads of the performers. This is a big moment for Belle; the costumes need to reflect that,” says Costume Designer Cynthia Nordstrom.

D33_20120907_00180-Edit-PRMoreover, lighting plays a crucial role in giving the overall production a truly magical feel. “The colors really pull you into the different worlds of the princesses, but it’s how the lights are arranged that command your attention when the characters are performing their acts. For example, when the Daughters of Triton are introduced, the lighting individually highlights each of them. Your eyes follow the spotlights,” says Lighting Designer Sam Doty.

Experience Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome from December 25 to January 3 and don’t miss the chance to see your favorite Disney stars LIVE! Buy your tickets via TicketNet online or call 911-5555 for more details.

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rsz_1mbp_pinkHaving four kids is not an easy feat, I get all the help I can get from people who have Godly counsel I am surrounded with. Parenting is made easier with all imaginable resources but the upcoming 3RD BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES (BFEP) 2015, country’s largest consumer tradeshow of the year for Baby, Kids, Pregnancy, and Parenting Products and Services, to launch on September 5 – 6, 2015 at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, is among one of the parenting resource events I always look forward attending.

BFEP 2014 Exhibitors to join for this year's Baby and Family Expo

The most anticipated Family Ultimate Day-out, BFEP 2015, is dedicated to nurture family development and childcare. The 2-day event provides best products and services for the whole family , covering the stages of family growth from maternity, newborns, toddlers and early childhood, providing seminars and talks to parents and guardians that seek essential tips and trends to improve their children’s health, safety, security, education and many more. Yep, effective and age-appropriate childcare is critical to working moms like myself.

blowoutsaleBFEP 2015 is packed with fun-filled activities for the whole members. I am sure my daughter will have a blast watching the Family Fashion Show, my boys will create a playground out of Familympics, and many games, and raffles. Special attractions and features like Wonderful Playground, World of Science, Toy Museum, Arts and Crafts Studio, Star Photo Gallery, Face Painting Station, Dining Area, Breastfeeding Area, Diaper Changing Area, and Business Matchmaking Area, are prepared for everyone to enjoy!


To top it all off, BFEP 2015 gets bigger and better with more than 100 exhibiting brands to give away exciting prizes and exclusive discounts from their products and services only during the exhibit.

Baby and Family Expo Philippines’ World of Fun where children enjoy fun and exciting rides and games at the expo
Baby and Family Expo Philippines’ World of Fun where children enjoy fun and exciting rides and games at the expo

Last year, BFEP 2014 gathered the best baby, kids, pregnancy and parenting products and services in one place. Exhibiting Brands like Johnson & Johnson, Baby Mama Inc, Enchanted Kingdom, Children’s Dental Center Co. Inc, and Momsie Kitty SPA, and a lot more joined the expo. It was packed with talks and seminars from industry experts such as The Medical City and from different personalities like Edward Mendez and Ali Gui, Merlee Jayme. Celebrities such as Thor Dulay, Emil and Faith Cuneta also entertained the visitors. Special activities were, Bubble Show, Puppet and Magic Shows, Interactive Science Show and Mascot Showdown.

IMG_1563_(2)[1]BFEP 2015, now on its 3rd year triples the FUN with more Family Bonding Activities, Ultimate Shopping Experiences, and New Learnings and Insights from our experts.


Be part of this star-studded family event! Interested to Exhibit? Call 504 – 4724 / 0905 – 475 – 1331, or email, and join the community at and See you all there!


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A Working Day in Pictures

rsz_1mbp_pinkAnd so the week starts without a helper at home which means today starts with the new Ate’s coming in and needing to be trained. Since this had to happen mid-week, this meant working from home for me, all while showing and demonstrating and pointing out how to run things around. And I just had to add another item to it, to blog about it. So read up and look at my view for the day.

Started with the first item on what I named: Helpers’ Onboarding Day, like your ever trusted Project Manager, I started with a timelined checklist while getting started how to complete the Wednesday items: Cleaning up the yard, watering the plants, giving the dog a bath, oh and by the way, taking out the trash for the Wednesday truck to pick up. Mommies have to remember all, because the new Ate’s will not know what they don’t know. Hope I didn’t miss anything in time for me to get back to the office tomorrow.
As soon as the kiddos were off to school, took out my work stuff to start catching up on emails, meeting deliverables, respond to urgent items. Again, all while helping ensure I got all the uniforms’ patches are sewn, everything supplied in the kitchen, lunch and dinner plans ready and praying while making a decision to make this day work. Learned over the years that Mommy Issues are best given to God, after all.
Weapons for work – armed and ready. Frequent walks around the house while typing away, my new Ate’s must be wondering: what in the world is she doing hopping from one mommy task to another office task? Reminder to self, finish writing this off before kids get back from school. This is juggling both work and home, literally. What works for me? Encouragement from God and countless people who help me. Remembering a convo with my husband a couple of days ago, asked me to close my eyes and imagine my kids 5 years older: where we will never need to have any helper at home anymore, where my kids get to do more things independently, where I get to talk to kids and delegate more daily items for big kuya’s to handle. I just had to thank God for it, smile and say: Yes, God, to working excellently until that 5th year picture comes.


So I say my thanks to God for my Wednesday. For I am confident that there is no wasted experience with Him, He is neither late nor too early. In the coming days, months or years, God will use this day to be part of my story for the moms who will need to hear this, just as I have been reminded today that it is not just about today. It is about agreeing for today to be part of the great future that God has reserved for me. With or without helpers, with or without work, with or without gradeschoolers, I can rest and be assured that nothing can go wrong as long as God steers my wheel.

Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.





Tried Lazada Online Shopping : Moms Make Things Simple

rsz_1mbp_pinkChecked my email one random day and both delighted and surprised to see a complimentary voucher from Lazada. I have always been a fan of Lazada online shopping which used to be my go-to-find-a-quick-item tool for my previous Trainer slash Mommy life. So I went on to check out what I can find from Lazada Online Shopping. After oohing and aahing over the list of items on sale, finally found the perfect item to order, a kitchen addition – oven toaster.

Will most likely go online again to try ShoeBiz’s shoes collection perfect for my mommy errands.
Will most likely go online again to try ShoeBiz’s shoes collection perfect for my mommy errands.

So when the order confirmation page told me that I will most likely get the item 1 to 7 days after, my mind went on Philippine delivery timeframe default of expecting the item gets delivered close to the 7th quoted day. To my surprise again, two days after I clicked submit order, I have the item right at my doorstep. In a matter of two days, also appreciated Lazada for giving their customers a string of order status confirmation to get yourself updated wherever your parcel is at for a specific date and time.

Customers get an email as soon as Lazada warehouse starts working on your order. it quotes the delivery and item details. Very helpful for customers who need to keep track of ordered items.
Customers also get an order confirmation as soon as your ordered item leaves the warehouse and gets shipped. This also shows you an Order Tracking tool you can also access on the move with your mobile.
Customers will appreciate the email on approach they will receive on the same day it gets delivered. Since I ordered using Lazada’s complimentary vouchers, I did not need to pay extra other than the minimal delivery fee of P55.00

If you are like any other mommies I know, we need things fast and easy so we can devote more time to things that last. My order came earlier than I expected that I had enough time to plan what I want to use it for in time for my kids’ baon preparation. So kids and I went ahead with testing it with their favourite cheese sandwich (toasted cheese, butter, with a pinch of sugar sandwich). I will definitely go to Lazada again for my mom-needs.

snackprep1 snackprep2 snackprep3






Visited Zoocobia at Clark, Pampanga for Tour Operators Day

On May 26, 2015 at Zoocobia, Clark, Pampanga, Zoomanity Group, the leader in Theme Parks and Zoo Management in the Philippines welcomed 500 Travel & Tour Operators and the media. This is to acknowledge them with their contributions and loyalty in bringing quality destination and education to patrons and clients of Zoomanity Group. Zoomanity Group handles 5 theme parks; Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zambales, Zoocobia at Clark, Pampanga, Zoocolate Thrills at Loboc, Bohol, Residence Inn & Zoo at Tagaytay and Paradizoo at Mendez, Cavite. The company is managing different hotels and restaurants too in the Philippines and abroad.rsz_1mbp_pink

According to Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of TAG Media and Public Relations, “Zoomanity Group likes to give back the blessings to our partners who are the travel & tour operators and the media. Without them, the ever increasing customers and clients who are visiting and patronizing the different theme parks under Zoomanity Group will not be possible. We are thankful and grateful and to acknowledge them, Zoomanity Group are doing events like these annually.”

Zoomanity Group gave away lots of souvenirs to everyone and hailed the operators who have exceeded their expectations with a very generous cash gifts.


Zoocobia Theme Farm is a 5 hectares facility at Clark, Pampanga and a tourist destination. To visit the theme parks, please contact Grace at and for more information, please visit




Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel

With Department of Tourism’s projected tourist count of over 6 million visiting the Philippines for 2016, the choice of hotels to stay at can make or break one’s vacation.

rsz_1mbp_pinkInside Subic Bay Freeport Zone, there are so many hotels to choose from but only one hotel stand out not only because of the professional and friendly staff but because of the chic & fun KTV, affordable Spa and the restaurant with fixed tables because of the custom made Shabu Shabu embedded gas range. Subic Grand Hoya Hotel is a class of its own located just along Canal Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales which is just 2 hours North away from Manila, Philippines.

At the right side of the lobby is the restaurant that can cater up to 100 people. The complimentary breakfast is something to look forward to with different kinds of juices and coffee selections. The Shabu Shabu is beyond the standard. All ingredients are selected by the Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel to prove the magnificent dining experience.
At the right side of the lobby is the restaurant that can cater up to 100 people. The complimentary breakfast is something to look forward to with different kinds of juices and coffee selections. The Shabu Shabu is beyond the standard. All ingredients are selected by the Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel to prove the magnificent dining experience.


According to Liberty Yana, the Sales and Marketing Head of Subic Grand Hoya Hotel, “Grand Hoyah Hotel Subic is a four storey boutique hotel located in central business district of Subic Bay Freeport Zone. This 3 years old hotel magnificently designed and features with the finest amenities. Throughout the hotel, the guests are treated to a unique atmosphere, complimented with the gracious hospitality and personalized service of our warm staff. The best choice for your family, business partners and also for leisure travelers.”

Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel offers 40 spacious rooms and as follows;  Deluxe Twin Rooms  Superior King Room Deluxe King Room Family Deluxe Room Family Suite Room
Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel offers 40 spacious rooms
Deluxe Twin Rooms
Superior King Room
Deluxe King Room
Family Deluxe Room
Family Suite Room

Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel offers a world class facility that is just in the heart of Subic and near all the best places to go like if you like shopping, head to the nearest Royal Duty Free. If your family likes to experience the extreme, go to Tree Top Adventure. If you like to check your courage with tigers, crocodiles and other 30 more animal species, drop by to the only theme park with white lions & the only tiger Safari in the Philippines which is Zoobic Safari under Zoomanity Group, the best theme parks not only in Subic but also in the country.

The Grand Hoyah Hotel KTV  Relaxing and fun KTV rooms with 55 inches screens at Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel. From VIP Rooms that caters for two persons to bigger and wider for groups and parties. There are different choices only at Grand Hoyah Hotel.
The Grand Hoyah Hotel KTV 
Relaxing and fun KTV rooms with 55 inches screens at Subic Grand Hoyah Hotel. From VIP Rooms that caters for two persons to bigger and wider for groups and parties. There are different choices only at Grand Hoyah Hotel.

Grand Hoyah Hotel offers an international standard Spa and Massage services from experts and professionally trained therapist while on stay in the hotel.

For more information:






Joined Diksyonaryo Atbp Summer Reading Camp

My summer memory is full of pictures of street games, Barbie play dates and choir events. Looking back at my kids’ summer, it has been a mix of learning and fun activities that include last weekend’s Summer Reading Camp hosted by Diksyonaryo Atbp.


Kids surely did not notice the time ticking by as they hopped from their table back to the art station as they while away the time to decorate pencils for the less privileged kids via the Black Pencil Project. Kids were armed with pencils in all size and color, various paint and washi tapes to decorate pencils with. It was a joy to see kids go to dry up their work of arts knowing that the pencils they have created will go to those who cannot afford one.


It was also bringing back the passion to read with kids as they watched and interacted with storytellers on reading aloud sessions. Tents were also set up and countless books for kids to use are available as they forget about other park attractions and are encouraged to curl up and read.



Gardenia Plant Visited

Imagine a slice of your favorite bread wafting out with that distinct hot-off-the-oven-aroma. That was what my son and I had first-hand when we went to visit Gardenia Plant in Laguna. Have you ever wondered how that bread is made? It was a fun-filled day of discovery as we witnessed and tasted what Gardenia is all about.

gardenia1 gardenia2 gardenia3

As soon as we have landed, we have met Gardee, life size Gardenia mascot. Both moms and kids had a blast learning a LOT about everything bread. For starters, it was encouraging to be taught how to check for freshness of bread. Breads have different shelf lives. Some are good for 3, 5 or 7 days, while others stay at their best anywhere from 10 to 14 days. All my grocery-life, I have mistakenly been checking expiry date when I need to be checking the bread’s baking and delivery day to get more accurate information. Case in point: bread that expires in 5 days may actually be already 5 days old if its “Best Before” date is within 10 days. Aside from this, it is also important to look for other attributes such as softness, freshly baked aroma, great taste and nutritive value.

gardenia4 gardenia5 gardenia6

It was also a day of sampling what mommies can make out of Gardenia bread. There is this Gardenia bread turned into Mexican tuna canapé with liver spread, baked chocolate muffins with strawberry, summer roll sandwich with seafood, special raisin cannoli, no-bake butterscotch in a jar, chocolate eclairs with cherry on top. It added to my list of baon ideas as my son made sure to ask if he can have them as baon for class next week.

gardenia7 gardenia8 gardenia9Then the plant tour began. Gab hopped from one station to the next while voice-over accurately tells us what we can see around the plant.

Cooling Tower - Gardenia is able to produce more than 6,000 loaves of bread per hour. Each loaf is prepared and produced without the help of human hands.
Cooling Tower – Gardenia is able to produce more than 6,000 loaves of bread per hour. Each loaf is prepared and produced without the help of human hands
Packaging Station is equipped with automatic cutters and metal detectors to help ensure that all wrapped loaves will have the best quality that Gardenia is best known for.
Packaging Station is equipped with automatic cutters and metal detectors to help ensure that all wrapped loaves will have the best quality that Gardenia is best known for.

Kids worked with their own hands as a Gardenia Nutritionist showed them how to create their own Refrigerator cake using Gardenia Chocolate & Mocha loaf. Kids also took the time to write personal thank-you-messages to all the moms.

gardeniacooking1 gardeniacooking2 gardeniacooking3 gardeniacooking4 gardeniacooking5 gardeniacooking6

Special thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for organizing the Gardenia Plant Tour aptly titled as Super Moms Deserve only World-Class Quality.

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