California Pizza Kitchen – OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkFilipino families like their pizza very much, it is not foreign to hear a pizza party happening or a pizza night or a pizza celebration or to see pizza as part of potluck or a box of pizza as a gift to give.  That is why I am so happy to hear about California Pizza Kitchen’s 18 years celebration in the casual dining industry as the pioneer in offering gourmet pizzas in the country. In line with this, it is again mounting its successful annual campaign which is the National Pizza Day to be held on August 14 and 15 in all nine CPK branches in Metro Manila. It’s a two-day pizza fest with five off the menu premium items that truly highlights the innovative and creative California spirit that the brand has been known for.

caprese angled

farmer's tight

hawaiian pepperoni whole

italian sausage and pepper angled

salami plus bacon tight

traditional cheese angled

On the NPD days, guests can enjoy a free pizza for every order of regular or thin crust pizza. The free pizza can be chosen from the special NPD menu of premium and limited edition pizzas created just for those days. It is valid for dine in, takeout, and walk in transactions. Reservations and delivery will not be accepted and the promo is not valid in conjunction with existing discounts, promos, gift certificates, ENSOGO vouchers, and the Global Privilege Card (Global Resto’s loyalty card). The five free pizza are Salami + Bacon, Hawaiian Pepperoni, Traditional Cheese, Caprese, and Italian Sausage and Pepper (pictured above). Choose one for every order of regular pizza. For example, if you ordered five regular The Original BBQ Chicken pizzas, you get five free pizzas too!


“This year, we are celebrating CPK’s 18th anniversary with a two-day National Pizza Day wherein we give our guests the gift of free pizza. By simply ordering a regular or thin crust pizza, a guest will get to have one for free from our special pizza menu just for August 14 and 15. As with the past years, these pizzas are about pushing the envelope when it comes to taste profile and having an adventure on the dough,” says Archie Rodriguez, Global Restaurant Concepts’ President and CEO, the first company to franchise CPK outside of the US in 1997.

California Pizza Kitchen is located at Bonifacio Global City, Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s East Wing, Rockwell PowerPlant Mall, Eastwood Mall, Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center. It opened its newest branch with the first island concept design at Century City Mall in Kalayaan Avenue last year.

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For more information, visit the official website at and follow their social media sites via California Pizza Kitchen Philippines on Facebook and @cpkphilippines on both Instagram and Twitter.





Tong Yang Hot Pot : OpenRice.Com Review

I love both my mom and mom-in-law. Both have become strong mom models for me and have shaped me to be the mom I am now. My mom and mom-in-law are different from each other but we celebrate life milestones the same. So to celebrate my mom-in-law’s birthday, my husband my sisters-in-law trooped to the nearest Tong Yang Hot Pot to enjoy good food and to remember family blessings. We usually seat ourselves strategically around the buffet table. I personally survey all the buffet tables first before I go for a plate. My husband usually picks up salad as appetizer, some of friends would go for fruit, I go for whatever I feel like having as appetizer, can be fruits, canapés or even ice cream! Then if it is Tong Yang Hot Pot, be ready to sit around smoked pots and do your part in grilling and setting up the hot pot (that is part of the food fun). We all helped ourselves to choosing what we want to see in the soup, before we go for our own plates. I am a ‘meat-and-seafood-person’, you can easily tell with my body (wink) and what an odd combo too. So I go for the barbecues and I am the first who would order bacon, shrimp and crabs from the kitchen. Yep, bacon, fresh and big shrimps and crabs are available at Tong Yang only if you ask them to be served from the kitchen. Two other things we do at Tong Yang buffet? We never eat any of the rice or pasta and we never gulp on unlimited drinks until we are done with our plate or at least until we feel we had to drink. After gorging on everything we have cooked and plated, if you still have space in your tummy, you can try their dessert table. Just make sure you ask for a clean ice cream scooper for your turn, it can get so murky with excessive buffet ice cream use.

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines



Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante : OpenRice.Com Review

They say that my workplace is one of the most stressful workplaces nowadays. I did not realize it was because we enjoy every moment we can get, including lunch hours! It is our opportunity to check who else is free on which lunch hour window (shouldering off our way to meetings and Ops sessions). So when there are six other people who are free to join me for lunch, I was all for it and looked forward to old-time-fun and meaningful stories over food. Even before our food was served from Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante, we got the entire resto noisy with our laughing and story-telling.

It was a carbo overload party, indeed, spiced up with interesting stories from our workplace. Our good friend and Assistant Training Manager Mindy always becomes our official photographer and credits to her for our lovely labelled photos. With the huge servings of each dish, everyone got to taste all of the dishes! We tried a long list of carbo-filled dishes lasagna, meat supreme classic pizza, Italian sausage Bolognese and chicken pesto. There were seven of us but there was still food on the table when everyone finished. I felt a little heady when done because of too much carbo, I suppose? Nevertheless, it was the most re-charging work lunch I ever had (both for the calories and convo).

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines

Sofitel Philippine Plaza : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkSofitel Hotel Manila has been a constant witness to our celebrations. The first time I got to visit was for our workplace’s Telstra’s yearly three-day workshop. Our recognition dinner followed, our Christmas ball, our VIP meet ups at work, even our church anniversary celebration, plus several weddings we attended, Sofitel has never failed to disappoint when it comes to giving me the best hotel food experience. I have always looked forward to Sofitel Tent buffets because of their various canapés. Sofitel Philippine Plaza will not be known for its best Spiral buffet experience for nothing. I remember giving out Spiral buffet dinners and Sofitel overnight accommodations as incentives at work and they are always premium prize that drives ultimate performance at work.

I am not so sure about you but I am a Pinoy at heart and I always go first to the Pinoy dishes tables and help myself with the classic Pinoy dishes. Sofitel has become an expert at adding a modern twist to all types of meat we would usually use for our Pinoy dishes and of course, the dessert selection is such a long list of options. I usually make the decision to try one of each variety, but I never get to do so because there is usually just too many to try!





Cyma : OpenRice.Com Review

Remembering my previous work days when I used to be part of Training and Development. My Trainer-Journey took me to different places and allowed me to work with differently interesting and amazing group of people. It was because of Training that I got stuck in a TV network’s building while Ondoy hits Manila and I was unknowingly running a training session from their building’s 17th floor. It was because of Training that I got to tour around the Bicol region while I ran three-day workshop for Tiwi District 6 public school teachers. Today is no different as I go back to my first love : Training. What better way to do it than to do it with my husband/pastor and run a workshop on Purpose for a leading corp recruitment group in Eastwood.

We always come out the ones learning everytime I teach with my husband. To cap off the night, we (my husband, myself and our wedding inaanak, yes we have several at our age!) thought we just need to celebrate what we have learned off tonight’s workshop. We needed somewhere special and quiet : Cyma Eastwood. Upto this day, I am not sure if Greek is the same as your Persian or your Mediterranean dishes (me and my non-connoisseur self). Whether there is a difference or none, the food did not fail to satisfy my taste buds. Greek Osso Bucco Beef shank certainly looks like your regular birthday spaghetti fare but it is made Greeky special with Greek tomato sauce and bucatini pasta. Serving was so huge I had to share some with my husband. Their greens salad was both yummy and healthy with their Roca Salata which came complete with lettuce, arugula (roka), tomatoes and walnuts. Skolatina (molten chocolate cake served with a scoop of flavoured ice cream) capped the night for us. It was a double date worth remembering.