Can’t Find a Cab? Holiday Non Stop Bus Service along Edsa


rsz_1mbp_pinkNo cabs or taxis in sight? Stuck without transport after doing your shopping? Seeing EDSA congested than ever you want to leave your cars at home? Want to have reprieve from Grab and Uber expenses while in the metro? Good news from the government as it continues to implement a Holiday non-stop bus service which started December 5 up to January 6 to encourage private car owners to leave their vehicles at home in an effort to decongest Edsa during the Yuletide Season, a ranking official announced.

During a press briefing at the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) office in Makati City, Cabinet Secretary and traffic czar Jose Rene Almendras said the express bus scheme is one of the medium-term solutions to improve traffic on Edsa especially with the Holiday rush.

Almendras said the scheme is a “way of increasing efficiency of the use of the streets.” He reiterated that with the 120,000 new private vehicles in Metro Manila this year, it would be necessary to improve the travel time of commuters.

See MMDA announcement slides below. Details lifted from official MMDA page






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