Great Moms with Big Jobs. How Do They Do It?

rsz_1mbp_pinkDo you ever wonder how the great moms of today get to excel at what they do at work while Mommying at their best? Woke up today for first day of school for my three kids, all while realizing that there is no helper for the day, husband has an appointment to prepare for, the car needs fixing and it is my Mom’s birthday. Good thing I have no work today (working for an Australian company do have its perk, staying home for Queen’s Birthday holiday), I get to spend the day with kids and get to send them off to school on Day1.

So reached out to my fellow moms and asked them what allows them to be on top of mommy duties while performing best at work. Read on and feel free to share this piece to help encourage other working moms you know.

Iya Deputy Manager for Training Being a working mom, most of the time it can be very difficult to juggle being a mom and a wife. But family should always come first no matter what; that’s the reason why we work hard anyway. In order to ensure that I don’t miss out on anything about my kids and husband, what I do is make sure that we (my family) share at least one meal everyday (which is usually dinner), this allows us to catch up on what happened to everyone during the day and maintain the “family time”.


Gina – Finance Manager and Business Owner Let me start with sharing my top five priorities

Faith – trusting God to work beyond my capabilities, keeping God on top of everything.

Spouse – embracing my role to submit & support. This is a continuous effort especially when things are tough, but as I learn to depend on God, and as I learned to trust that my husband is the number one person whom I should give my support to, I began to see changes in my husband’s way of leading our family in love

Son – building good memories like at least one vacation a yea. What matters is we take the time to grow relationship rather than performing for other reasons.

Work – I reward myself for every hard work I put in, it motivates me to keep working and to give my best. As the word of God says, you cannot give what you don’t have.

Ministry – Ministry is just an overflow of the four items listed above. My life without ministry will not be as enjoyable as it is today. So I thank God for entrusting me the people whom I can share my life with. It gives satisfaction and meaning around what God has done over who I am today.

If something comes up that will take me away from these top priorities, I make the decision to drop them.

On Time – I make a list of the things that need to be done on a daily basis.

On Finances – for every coin that is left during the day we treat is as savings…putting aside our tithes is a must. We also keep a gift envelop. However, paying our bills and keeping up with our payment commitments come first before shopping.


Jing – Finance Staff, Runs Pastry Business and Pastor’s Wife

On Excellence – Being a mom entails a lot of love and work to take care of the needs of our kids. But staying to do two roles: having a job or business and playing the role of a mother is quite challenging. They all require full attention at the work place and at home, a requirement that runs 24-hour. The key to success to do both jobs excellently is to rely on God all the time to give you the wisdom on how to do it. It is important to keep on praying for your family and with your family to always ensure that the kids are being trained to become Godly children. My kids know they are well-loved and nurtured, and God’s protection is upon them since you can’t be with them all the time. When you allow the Lord to help you and you totally entrust them to Him then for sure they will grow up to become the men or women that He has destined them to be.

Pursuing my relationship with God and my family ultimately keep me focused and driven to be passionate about life. I know that apart from the grace of God, I will not be able to do what I am supposed to do. I rely on God to give me the proper perspective and remove anxious thoughts about what lies ahead. I am filled with constant reminder on how He loves me so that I can love my family and raise my kids well. It is only through Him that I can achieve to have a Godly family. I know that it’s all about God and I know He wants me to become the best mother that I could ever be to my children.


It is encouraging to keep moms like us encouraged and supported. Bookmark makingworkingmomswork for more featured working moms who rock!








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