Donate-A-Diaper Drive Project

rsz_1mbp_pinkChristmas is always about giving and sharing the same love and blessings we have received. I know that you are all on the lookout to spot an opportunity to help. What better way to share your blessings than taking part of changing a newborn’s life?
Donate-a-Diaper Drive 2015 is a collaborative project of 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015 and Rookie Mommy PH‘s First Time Moms PH Facebook Community and Shop at Oonaghs.
You can donate a pack of newborn – small diapers or you can also donate money and we will be the one to buy the diapers on your behalf. Donate-a-Diaper Drive will run until January 15, 2016. Recipients of the diapers will be the babies who are in NICU at Philippine General Hospital.
If you’re interested to donate, you can email us at or you can also send us a private message on Facebook.