Yoshinoya : OpenRice.Com Review

rsz_1mbp_pinkWhile all the major roads were closed for the APEC week, this working mom headed to the nearest work site for the full week. It was easy to notice that not too many people flocked to the malls for this week, probably because of the government’s public advice not to go to crowded places for security and safety reasons. So even Fairview Terraces is colder with less people in it that me and my workmates opted to go find the best hot meals for an end-of-day-lunch, yep, days when you would not have any other time to have lunch but at end of day.

image-413cae0aab642572d71133adef8e51799e79e61003c921b093409faadb9b825b-VIronically, there were two restaurants that serve hot meals right next to each other, a Japanese/Korean restaurant and a Japanese restaurant. We decided as a group to go for the latter, Yoshinoya.

I went for the classic beef noodles and one tried chicken noodles. These soups were made more interesting and yummy with corn, hard boiled egg and vegetables. Unlike the usual corn on mini-cobs on our nilagang baka, they served corn scraped off the cob. Would have just loved the soups served hotter than they were, we were going for hot meals, afterall. Paired it with gyoza and unlike any other gyoza, these are steamed grilled and not steamed fried. You can even see faint marks of the grill right off your gyoza.

Try it with other classic Japanese favourites, California maki served with wasabi, red tea or green tea drinks (just make sure you don’t commit the same mistake I did, asked them to serve it without ice, quite a scrape off my throat after-meals with its sugary taste). Cap with choco mousse for dessert.

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