Chili’s : OpenRice.Com Review


What I love best about Tastier September is writing about my food experiences and capturing them on my page. I have not said enough and I will say it again, food is best enjoyed with meaningful relationships. And so it is common to see me sampling food for sharing, or opting for dishes with bigger than usual serving size. I think I have gotten used to finishing up my kids’ food, that it has become second nature for me to make sure I sample food from someone else’s plate. Sorry to those who find this behavior annoying but me and most of my friends do!


On to our next food adventure, Chili’s Fairview Terraces. It is key to note that another branch I have tried is Mall of Asia (by the bay). Surprisingly, food flavor is the same, unlike other restaurants who tend to serve same dishes with different flavors from different branches.


If you want to have chicken meat strips with grilled bread, opt for Chicken Fajita Quesadillas. Super liked the cheese flavor mixed with the white chicken meat (yep, the healthy chicken meat part!). Not a healthy eater myself, I usually go for the skin when eating chicken but with these quesadillas, I did not even notice I am gulping down the white meat.


By the way, you may want to save your receipts because the next time you dine in, you get to claim their Fajita Nachos free! It is like their trademark quesadilla minus the filling. Of course, everyone knows there is unlimited nachos from Chili’s. Pair it with unlimited iced tea and you will never run out of food on the table. Crunchy nachos they even replace if it took too long to finish from your tables.


Other menu stops you cannot miss: Cilantro Pesto Shrimp Pasta and Triple Dipper (egg rolls, fried chicken and fish fillets).


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